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Mighty Ape customers hung out to dry

By Dylan

Over the past week or so we've had to deal with a handful of local suppliers who have let us down, and let our customers down. As a customer-focused company, it's frustrating to say the least.

First up was the NZ “launch” of the PlayStation Move. Mighty Ape has been collecting pre-orders since the announcement of the device several months ago and we've managed to secure a reasonable number of pre-orders on our usual promise of day-one delivery.

We kept Sony informed of our pre-order numbers, placed our order, and when the device was due to ship, were given only a fraction of our original allocation leaving many of our pre-order customers high and dry. Meanwhile, our CEO Simon Barton is out shopping with his family in the weekend buying Playstation Moves off the shelf from JB, EB etc at full retail price trying to fulfill our own pre-orders.

We think that's poor.

Now we've received the news that Mighty Ape will receive no copies of the Collector's Edition of Star Wars Force Unleashed II. Once again, we've been collecting pre-orders for this product from eager customers expecting day-one delivery. This time around, the supplier concerned has bowed down to pressure from a foreign-owned retail chain with 40 stores (no prize for guessing who) who are, presumably, using their market power to demand exclusive rights to the Collector's Edition in New Zealand. Of course, now that they've granted an exclusive they'll keep the price at full RRP and consumers will have nowhere else to turn.

We think this sucks.

As a small locally-owned operation we find it difficult to compete with larger foreign-owned companies who use their size to control the market. Suppliers who pander to their demands ultimately starve competition and limit the choices available to the consumer. Make no mistake, consumers will be paying more for their Force Unleashed II Collector's E­ditions than if Mighty Ape were also in the market selling the game. And this is just one of a growing number of games…

It's hard for this post to not come across as a giant whinge, but frankly we think many of our customers would be shocked to learn how much of this goes on, and how we have to fight day in day out to compete and carve a place for ourselves in the local market. In fact, even yesterday we received news that EA is about to grant yet another exclusive to the same foreign-owned retail chain. Here we go again…

At Mighty Ape we're working our tails off to create a great NZ-owned company with a focus on excellent customer service, fast and reliable delivery with some fun and personality thrown in for good measure. It's frustrating that some suppliers attempt to thwart our efforts in their attempt to shift the greatest number of units for the least amount of effort possible.

If you've read this far, thanks for shopping at Mighty Ape. Your support means a lot to us and we appreciate you joining us on our journey to creating a world class online shopping site for New Zealanders.

What do you think of suppliers who grant “exclusives” to a single retailer? Are you happy for suppliers to remove competition and keep prices high?

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  • Andy says: 17 September 2010, 11:48am

    Hang in there guys, don't let those bastards take you down!

  • Clarke says: 17 September 2010, 11:50am

    Wow, If this company is EB I will never shop there again.

  • Shane says: 17 September 2010, 11:50am

    I've had nothing but the best service from Mighty Ape, if I can't get a Special Edition from you guys I'll just get the regular version!

    But still sucks that customers don't have a choice of where they want to buy their items from...

  • Keith says: 17 September 2010, 11:50am

    That's shit. MightyApe > the rest of these clowns. I find it amusing that these large companies keep forgetting that their customers are the ones that put them there, and the ones that keep them there. Treat us like crap, and eventually we'll crack.

    Keep up the good work guys - good luck with the gunslinging giants!

  • Fabian says: 17 September 2010, 11:51am

    That's really unfortunate. Mighty Ape have given me nothing but great service. I personally wouldn't let a supplier reneg, effect my faith in you guys.

    Keep up the great work :)

  • Daniel says: 17 September 2010, 11:51am

    I think it's terrible. I heard the Forza 3 collectors edition was only available (from the same store as has slighted you, I'm guessing) in the states, and I thought that was awful.. limited and collectors editions should not be exclusive to one store.

    Sometimes I'll cheekily wander into one of those stores and ask if they'll pricematch a deal of yours, and they just balk at the prices you guys offer =D

  • Josh says: 17 September 2010, 11:51am

    I'll still support Mightyape, good on you guys for letting everyone know what is going on!

  • Katie says: 17 September 2010, 11:55am

    Wow that's really slack of the suppliers! You guys are doing a marvellous job of handling it, but that sucks that certain retail chains and suppliers are doing deals like this! This is why I buy all my books, games, dvds etc from you guys (even though I get a staff discount on these things if I buy them from my current employer). I'm all about supporting an honest, NZ owned company who are 110% about doing right by the customers. With loyal customers like us you guys will eventually grow to be bigger than these silly bully companies!

  • Ben from Mighty Ape says: 17 September 2010, 11:56am

    I think the whole thing SUCKS! Exclusive releases will ALWAYS hurt the consumer, because with a monopoly and no competition, there is no incentive for competitive pricing. >.<

  • Brad says: 17 September 2010, 11:57am

    You guys have always gone the extra mile for your customers unlike many other retailers who see there customers as just another number.
    It sucks that bigger outlets can use their parent companies power (gamestop) to secure exclusives and then charge absurd prices for them.

  • Nathan says: 17 September 2010, 11:58am

    Looks like I won't be shopping at EB Games anymore... :|

  • Jack says: 17 September 2010, 12:00pm

    Well i'm never buying any games from "this" foriegn retailer again.

    Mighty Ape, you are the best online retailer around, don't let these large corps get you down.

    If you want I'm sure your customer would gladly sign a petition to remove the exclusive deals, although i'm sure it ownt make any differance.

    I'll make sure none of my mates buy it from JB.. oops i mean the foriegn retailer.

  • CJ says: 17 September 2010, 12:01pm

    There is a reason I don't shop at those bastard chain stores and shop with you guys...

    The supplier should honor their original agreement to supply you with collectors editions.

  • Arlette says: 17 September 2010, 12:08pm

    who doesn't want exclusivity? It's a natural business desire. I am sure if Mighty Ape was in a position to be sole distributor of certain products you would jump at the chance. In saying this however...the buck stops at the supplier! They've promised you a product and not delivered. They have gone back on their word. Where's their intregrity? Bad form Sony. Bad form EA.

  • Shaun says: 17 September 2010, 12:10pm


  • Scott says: 17 September 2010, 12:11pm

    Post the wholesalers names, let loose the mighty ape customer linch mobs upon their pathetic tails.

  • Samuel says: 17 September 2010, 12:15pm

    I usually by the odd thing from this foreign chain, with most of my stuff coming from you guys. No longer, so long foreigners, not standing for these bullying tactics.

  • Jordan says: 17 September 2010, 12:21pm

    There's a good reason I don't purchase games and electronics from the larger retailers.

    You're it.

    Keep on trucking.

    EA sucks anyway.

  • Tamara says: 17 September 2010, 12:22pm

    Go Mighty Ape!! You guys rule! Thanks for letting us know what is happening!! It sucks what is going on!

  • Jayden says: 17 September 2010, 12:30pm

    You guys rock. Just saying.

  • Zane says: 17 September 2010, 12:33pm

    It really sucks that you've been let down mightyape, your suppliers should look after you!

    Sony needs to ask itself some hard questions, why on earth would they not ship you the preordered units?!

    I suggest you get this info to gerard at gamejunkie blog, he might be able to get a little publicity on the issue.

    maybe we could organise ourselves a good oldfashined EB boycott?

  • Aaron says: 17 September 2010, 12:35pm

    This pisses me off SO MUCH. I'm personally affected by the lack of Force Unleashed 2 limited edition. Mighty Ape has the absolute best service around, I want to do 99% of my gaming shopping here.

    And I think I should have the ability to. Screw you EA, Sony and anyone else doing this kinda thing.

  • Daniel says: 17 September 2010, 12:35pm

    Mighty Ape, you guys are awesome. EBgames needs to get the hell out of this country, rip off idiots who have the worst customer service ever. I wish there was something we could do.

  • Lyndall says: 17 September 2010, 12:52pm

    Don't get too down Mighty Ape! At least you're thinking of the customers and letting us know what's going on. I'm sure all of us appreciate it.


  • Martin says: 17 September 2010, 1:00pm

    Just want to say I'll always choose MA over EB everytime. The service that you guys provide is well and trully above what EB is capable of. Nice work guys and keep it up!

  • Damion says: 17 September 2010, 1:05pm

    You guys always have the best prices and your website is awesome. Keep up the good work

  • Tiana says: 17 September 2010, 1:09pm

    I can only repeat what everyone else has commented. Nothing but brilliant service, incredibly fast delivery, a huge amount of choice whether it be books and dvds [two of my personal favourites] or games and action figures. The BEST WEBSITE FOR KIWIS TO BUY FROM. International bullies suck arse. And you can tell them all I said that.

  • Tyler says: 17 September 2010, 1:11pm

    Down with EB. Stupid global companies need to f off.

  • Dylan says: 17 September 2010, 1:23pm

    Thanks for all the awesome support and feedback. We hope this will become the first of a series of posts that lift the covers on the state of the NZ game industry. This isn't the worst of it...

  • Mark says: 17 September 2010, 1:26pm

    This is absolute rubbish. If I was a big games supplier I would want to be dealing with retailers who were totally passionate about games and Mighty Ape absolutely kicks JB and EB's bum in that department (not to mention on the customer service front).

    We the punters can really only do one thing in this situation which is to vote with our wallets and keep on supporting Mighty Ape... that'll give the suppliers no choice but to give Mighty Ape the same product as everyone else (lest they lose sales).

  • David says: 17 September 2010, 1:32pm

    I didn't know it was physically possible, but that both sucks and blows.

    The way the world is going, it is no longer about what is best for the consumer, but which Fat Cats can strike the best backdoor deals. What is particularly unethical about this is that your suppliers had promised you stock, and then reneged on that.

    FWLIW, you guys are my preferred supplier for my gaming needs (and many other products too). Nobody else can even come close to your value for money (especially for gaming products) and excellent customer service. I recently purchased a modem/router from you that differed from the model that was highly recommended to me. You didn't stock the recommended model, but your superior customer service track record won out. I made sure I scored a MightyApe cap with my Banana Bucks too, and I'll be wearing that with pride at every opportunity.

    Kia Kaha Mighty Ape!

  • Heath says: 17 September 2010, 1:38pm

    This is terrible. I already hate store/country based pre-order bonuses. They guarantee you're missing out on some part of the content, no matter where you buy. (The console exclusivity is also... ••••en annoying)

    To know there is also store exclusivity of collectors/limited editions annoys me even more. I avoid brick'n'mortar stores like the plague. They're always a let down, and that whole disk insurance is the biggest scam since $100+ HDMI cables.

    The fact the suppliers are not warning you upfront and letting you take pre-orders that they won't allow you to fulfill is also horrendously unprofessional.

    The question is, how do we turn this from a whinge to some sort of action/change. Having MightyApe fanbois (like myself) promising not to buy at stores that we stopped using when we discovered gpstore » mightyape isn't much help.

  • Heath says: 17 September 2010, 1:40pm

    …oh and I love the honesty MightyApe

    (I also just wanted to use that avatar)

  • Heath says: 17 September 2010, 1:40pm


  • Mat says: 17 September 2010, 1:44pm

    You know, last I checked doing something like what they are doing is illegal. I'd be placing a few calls to the Commerce Commission were I you guys.

  • Oliver says: 17 September 2010, 1:47pm

    This is pretty appalling to hear, that international corporate compainies charging at full retail price will always get the advantage. I will always continue to support Mighty Ape as it is NZ owned, and quite honestly more customer service focused than the majority of corporate companies. To think I wanted a job with one of them :(

  • Nigel says: 17 September 2010, 1:49pm

    that sucks for you guys, because it makes you look bad, I hope a lot of people read this post so they understand it's not your fault.

    For what it's worth, I never buy anything from the big foreign store, they're overpriced and in general don't care about gamers, only about making their sales. Mighty Ape kick their ass in every single way.

  • Teja says: 17 September 2010, 2:02pm

    Does this mean that PS Move is not being sold in MightyApe? :'(
    Screw EB Games. Those bas**rds always rip us(customers) off. Mighty is by-far the best shopping site (online and in store) I have ever noticed. You guys should never be taken down by EB Games (aka; bas**rds). I will try and refer you guys to as many people as possible.

  • Stuart says: 17 September 2010, 2:07pm

    My experience with Mighty Ape so far is very limited, but already your approach to customer service has me sold on you guys. I'm no gamer, so my purchases will tend to be books (dead tree even!), and hoepfullly one day ebooks. Your prices are not the cheapest, but your service seems friendly and reliable, and that makes a big difference. I hope that for all your gaming customers, you get the fair access to product that you deserve

  • Robert says: 17 September 2010, 2:15pm

    Seems like a fine line between exclusives and anti competitive behavior, in the end the consumer loses either way. Once I started buying from Gameplanet/Mightyape I never looked back, I don't miss buying from EB games one bit.

    I was lucky enough to get my PS Move on day of release, but cheers anyway to Simon Barton for going around purchasing Moves off the shelf at other retailers to fulfill orders.

  • Nev says: 17 September 2010, 2:19pm

    You guys have my dollar. I've said time and again in private communication with staff at Mighty Ape that your service is second to none, and I have no hesitation repeating that in a more public forum. It was your prices which initially attracted me to your site, but it was your superior sense of customer service which made me stay.

    My friends and I never buy anything from those Evil B@$t@rd$ who shall remain nameless, but if some gaming companies are going to pull this crap, I'll simply refuse to buy their game at all. I think I'll buy a different game by another developer instead - from Mighty Ape, of course!

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Nick says: 17 September 2010, 2:28pm

    This absolutely sucks! You guys are by far the best place to buy games in NZ!


  • Demelza says: 17 September 2010, 2:30pm

    I really wish the government would step in here and give these foreign companies, as well as the suppliers a bit of a "telling off" regarding screwing over a well-respected, Kiwi-owned company (you guys), and by proxy, the NZ public.

    So can't believe they're doing this to you guys, and your customer base. You guys will always have my support. Even more glad now that I don't buy games in-store!! Mighty Ape ftw!! :D

  • Stacey says: 17 September 2010, 2:40pm

    It's all about balance as these companies also employee a lot of kiwis, and right now we need people to have jobs. I think it is the supplier who needs to be upfront and honest about its dealing with these companies. Sounds like they are the ones who have reneged on promises/understandings with Mighty Ape.

  • Darroch says: 17 September 2010, 2:50pm

    If EA Games dose this to you then that will be the nail in the coffin for me buying any of there games. As it is, there games are rushed on to the market, bugie as hell now there play the supplying fixing game (like price fixing, but with supplying). Competition and that extra mile you guys go, that's what makes you guys go fantastic.

  • Hamish says: 17 September 2010, 3:13pm

    I've never had a single issue with MIghty Ape's customer service, yet every single brick and mortar game shop (Gamesman, Central Park Interactive, and now The Store Who Must Not Be Named) has given me the shaft to one degree or another.

    I swore off ever buying anything from The Store Who Must Not Be Named ever since they flat out refused to honour their warranty for my Guitar Hero drum kit, never again. Now they're doing this?

    I'd say they are concerned that they can't compete on their own merits so they're resorting to dirty tricks. Don't worry Mighty Ape, keep doing what you're doing and you'll always have me as a customer.

  • Tamryn says: 17 September 2010, 3:46pm

    Thats disgraceful........

  • Annette says: 17 September 2010, 3:53pm

    I haven't ever really like EB or JB. I rarely buy anything from EB. They generally have a very small range of games, whereas MA has a far more interesting selection. Quite surprising considering the size differences. In the past year or so, I've bought far more from MA than I have from EB. Last things I can remember buying are Rockband 2 for $40 2nd hand (wasn't released so they had no price to gauge it by.. haha) and BioShock 2 coll. which was 50% off.
    Other than that though, I've not found anything I really want from them.
    I also used to buy many games second hand, but ever since they changed their policies to be "priced as new -$5" I just walk over to Dollar Dealers or Cash Converters instead. I mean really, Oblivion GOTY was $70 from EB, I got it $25 from DD. And it was $50 new on MA at the time.

    Ahh, I don't know. You'd think they'd offer more competitive prices to draw customers, rather than eliminating the competition in order to force us through their doors. Anyway, pretty top job you're doing so far MA, keep up the good fight. And keep us informed! Gamers have a tendency to be loyal, and if your regulars heard about this more often, I'm sure they'd give the big finger to EB.

    Oh and to the above, Gamesman is owned by EB now I believe.

  • Brian says: 17 September 2010, 4:08pm

    You guys freackin rock. I'll continue to buy everything off you. Keep up the epic work!

  • Heath says: 17 September 2010, 4:09pm

    @Annette yeah gamesman were okay, but turned to s••• when they were taken over by EB. My regular salesman asked me "Would you like to buy disk insurance with that? And become a member yadda yadda"… I looked at him like he had slapped me. He looked ashamed. I never went back.

  • Marty says: 17 September 2010, 4:09pm

    I always come to you guys when i need something to do with gaming as your always cheaper than the rest, but i hate store exclusive games as they are usually $150 to $180 when if its MA and some other store, its 99% of the time cheaper with you guys.

  • Mardy says: 17 September 2010, 4:12pm

    Anti-competitive behaviour should be reported to the commerce commission.

  • Oliver says: 17 September 2010, 4:36pm

    Monopolies of any kind suck.

  • Michael says: 17 September 2010, 4:37pm

    I'm buying more and more from Mighty Ape... Books, DVDs, Games... you guys are great...keep fighting the good fight, you obviously have a lot of support out there :)

    Most of my last years xmas shopping was one order on mighty :)

  • Kevin says: 17 September 2010, 4:40pm

    This has made it to Stuff, so it must be real news ;)

  • Rhys says: 17 September 2010, 4:49pm

    That really sucks guys - sorry to hear. From my experience MightyApe is leaps and bounds ahead of EB Games in just about everything, but most notably price and customer service! >3 Mighty Ape!

  • Ben says: 17 September 2010, 4:59pm

    That's just terrible.

    Just a heads up. If JB doesn't have enough for you guys, The Warehouse also has them priced quite competitively. $94 for the starter, $64 for the motion controller, and $46 for the navigation controller :)

  • Megan says: 17 September 2010, 5:06pm

    They're running scared, trying to cling on to their brick and mortar stores that somehow are less personable than this fantastic website. I hope things improve guys, you deserve anything but this for your superb service and loyalty to your customers.

  • Aj says: 17 September 2010, 5:13pm

    I think you have every right to winge. I love the atmosphere and friendly nature of Mighty Ape, it's a lot better than EB. They not only charge full price, but the whole exclusivity thing is rubbish. If you want the end customer to play your game, sell it to a lot of retailers, not just the cash cow ones. This whole thing is reminding me of Activision. High prices + greed - personality - consumer happiness = Activision/EB.
    Don't worry, we still know you guys are the best in the biz in NZ.

  • Lucy says: 17 September 2010, 5:21pm

    Sorry you guys have had such a rough time of it. Thankyou for always doing your best, even when you get played by big corporations.
    It's not fair that sometimes the only way to get all the items is to get three or four different editions of the same game. I miss the days when fans could collect everything.

  • Bart says: 17 September 2010, 5:32pm

    I'd prefer to shop online with you guys than a certain place where I nearly lose an eye on entry when they have a sale. And usually their 'sales' aren't that great in any case!

    Keep your chins up. Collector's / Special Edition stuff won't see me give up.

    AND you guys are smart enough to do the 'Fries with that' upsale with the 'other things you might like' feature with the games at discounted prices. Yes - I am a sucker for a good deal!

  • Lee says: 17 September 2010, 5:32pm

    Well guys you have my vote. I will boycott any other store for my game purchases and DVD's in favour of you (and I purchase a LOT). Your service is of the utmost highest quality and looks like you guys have the short straw here. You fan base is here for you

  • Darryl says: 17 September 2010, 5:34pm

    Amazing how many people think MA are superior to that 'major' retailer, and it's poorer, similar cousins. (myself included)

    Mind you, not a difficult conclusion to come to when 'the store that shall not be named' seems to employ staff that don't even realise that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (probably the last time I preordered a game there) is exclusive to PS3. I dare not preorder the Signature Edition of GT5 from there, for fear of wetting myself should the 18 year old girl behind the counter ask me if I want it on PS3 or 360.

    Hang tight MA. Like 'The Rock' you are the People's Champ. The only other store I ever buy from is instore specials at The Warehouse. The brick and mortar so called Games Specialists all lost my dollar a long time ago.

  • Alexander says: 17 September 2010, 5:36pm

    Mightyape is the best and always will be the best

  • Brendan says: 17 September 2010, 5:39pm

    Exclusivity is over-rated when it comes to products like this, we're talking video games... not a Ferrari, I think it is total Bulls*** that the little guy always gets shafted with the thumb on his head from the larger businesses.

    I would much rather deal with MightyApe even if it meant waiting weeks for a shipment ( but we don't have to wait very long do we ;D ), that is my choice as a consumer and one I will stick by as long as I am breathing..

    You guys have done nothing but the best for your friendliness and support to the NZ gaming community and for that have earned my 110% support and dedication your business alone.

    All the best and keep up the awesome work!

    P.S: I look forward to more ranting, somebody needs to step up and tell it how it is! come on drop that hammer hard!

  • Nick says: 17 September 2010, 5:45pm

    EB are rubbish and overpriced, they wouldnt even price match for me. Will never shop there and anyone purchasing from there is an idiot as it can be brought elsewhere cheaper! SUPPORT NZ STORES! GO MIGHTYAPE :)

  • Kit says: 17 September 2010, 5:45pm

    That really sucks for you guys! I have to say, you guys are one of the best places to shop for books, music, etc. in my opinion, both online and off. Your customer service is impeccable and you guys are just quick on the ball and get things done. Don't give up and know you have our support!

  • Rory says: 17 September 2010, 5:46pm

    I'm actually surprised how bad the situation is, I knew it was bad, with the "foreign-owned retail chain" getting preference and preorder bonuses (one of the reasons I once changed my order to them - now I'm starting to regret it), but this is getting ridiculous.

    You have consistently had the best service, prices and day-one delivery is awesome. We really need to do something about it. Got any ideas? I know I'll support you!

  • Anna says: 17 September 2010, 5:47pm

    Doesn't that exclusive sales rights stuff fall under anti-competitive behaviour?

  • Jeff says: 17 September 2010, 5:51pm

    Annoying and frustrating... You're doing good work opening the lid on this, I only hope it does some good - not thru lack of action on your part, but through apathy by NZ consumers and corporate bully-boyism. Keep up the good fight!

  • Brendan says: 17 September 2010, 5:59pm

    I say we should all gather up with torches and pitch forks, LYNCH MOB!!

  • phill says: 17 September 2010, 5:59pm

    yep that sounds just like sony, I once worked in a job, where I ordered from sony, I was let down 90% of the time with orders, they never could supply all of the new stock that I had preorders for, we would order stock 2 months ahead and Sony would never say...stop we don't have enough stock....Very Poor Sony....dealing with the mighty ape crew is always so easy, I hope that you have some success with you outing these problems that you are having.

  • Samantha says: 17 September 2010, 5:59pm

    It is so anti-competitive! Mighty Ape is a Kiwi store wanting to give it's Kiwi customers the best service and prices possible. Keep fighting the big guys and stick up for yourself Mighty Ape! Your loyal customers will support you 100%

  • Shaw-wuu says: 17 September 2010, 6:01pm

    Does anyone even shop at those "foreign-owned retail chain"??? They are poorly run and over priced! Anyway, those limited edition should have limited impact due to the current economic climate.

    Should try to get onto those tech/gadget review TV talk show segments and talk about this issue.

    Hang in there guys. You doing good job here! Since discover Mighty Ape, I actually don't have an urge to order games/books/DVDs from a certain large U.S. online store anymore... (except for items you don't carry of course)

  • Ace says: 17 September 2010, 6:16pm

    To be blunt, my experiences with MA preorders (usually for Collectors Editions of things) have been fairly frustrating.
    One - did not receive product.
    Another - received product, somehow MA's Collectors Edition was different to rest of world. Portion missing, sent weeks later.

    Without a compelling reason to, I find myself not overly keen to bother any more.

  • Paul says: 17 September 2010, 6:16pm

    Keep fighting MightyApe you have my support and my business.

  • William says: 17 September 2010, 6:17pm

    I support you guys 100%. I try to avoid JB/EB as they just don't compare to you!

  • Layton says: 17 September 2010, 6:18pm

    Over the past few years Ive been buying my PS3 games, Blurays and DVDs from Mighty Ape and will do so for years to come. Collectors Editions or not! I will admit with the latest happenings with the Move controllers and Force Unleashed II being put back or unavailable, I was quick to point my finger at Mighty Ape and growl. I just want to say, Sorry Mighty Ape for doubting you.

  • Layton says: 17 September 2010, 6:20pm

    P.S. I agree with Brendan :)

  • Sam says: 17 September 2010, 6:31pm

    Might have to import just to get a better price instead of paying for there ridiculous RRP.

  • Brendan says: 17 September 2010, 6:32pm


  • Mark says: 17 September 2010, 6:35pm

    I don't buy a heck of a lot of games these days to be fair. But I know with Move that you guys were not the only ones to get short-shipped. I work in a relatively large rental store and we received only about 30% of what we ordered, so I think that is the same everywhere. We did the same, went and pillaged all the retail stores around town to try and get our numbers up.

    EB is certainly a company I do not support at all, so keep providing the service that we all know Mighty Ape does, and I hope the suppliers see some sense soon!!!

  • Callum says: 17 September 2010, 6:41pm

    I love Mighty Ape!

  • warren says: 17 September 2010, 7:25pm

    Surely this must affect other large retail chains like Harvey Norman, or Dick Smith's. Maybe they need to weigh in to break EB's heavy handed oppression.


  • Alias says: 17 September 2010, 7:45pm

    This isn't the first time a company has pulled supplies at the last minute (not just from MA but from NZ in general), but MA has always been honest and upfront when that happens and does it's best to get the product from somewhere else

    It is MA's commitment to it's customers that has me keep looking here first for mah gaming/movie needs

  • Billy says: 17 September 2010, 8:11pm

    I have been shopping from you guys for the past 10 or so years, and I have had nothing but decent prices and GREAT customer support. It just annoys the heck outta me seeing you guys being abused and stamped on by the larger players in the industry.

    Having Barton buying stock from other retailers off the shelves, just to try and furfill your own promise to your customers is simply way beyond the call of duty. On behalf of all MightyApe shoppers, I salute you, and I hand you a (bunch of) banana(s).

    For as long as I have money, you have yourselves a loyal customer here.

  • Daniel says: 17 September 2010, 8:15pm

    Always get my stuff from you guys if i can. Mighty Ape offers some of the best service and prices out there. Was annoyed when eb secured exclusive star wars force unleashed collectors editions. Was all looking forward to getting it from you guys.

  • Kirsty says: 17 September 2010, 8:46pm

    What a very one sided story, I really am very suprised at the number of people here who take one side of the story and take this for gospel.

    I used to board with one of the guys from one of the mentioned suppliers and as an avid gamer was always interested in the gaming market. The number of times I heard that Mighty Ape had parrallel imported local suppliers stocks even when they had been offered the same editions was amazing, the fact that they do not support local supply but then when there is a launch of a product that is in huge demand world wide, they suddenly try to source it locally and are suprised that they don't get support on it.

    Looking at Mighty Apes mantra, they even state "Hundreds of exclusive import games", there is no way they will get local support from suppliers if they import their product left, right and center.

    Can't have your cake and eat it too I would say, looks like maybe they are getting a little of their own medicine.

    And when the Ape says they are about to blow the lid off this thing, would be nice if they gave the full story.

    Support local business and local jobs I say, local economy is hurting enough without self acclaimed NZ companies buying stock from China.

  • Gene says: 17 September 2010, 8:59pm

    Not the first time this happened. I remember when I was purchainsg Champions Online I was let down repeatedly; late replies / no replies and in the end, no preorder benefits as promised. Had the same thing happen in number of other preorders as well.

  • Nathan says: 17 September 2010, 9:04pm

    Considering i have placed nearly 300orders and spent dam near 20thousand with mighty ape one could say im a master ape lol and to me its not about price its about service,and when it comes to service mighty ape are the king of the jungle, this exclusivity bull is not limited to the gaming industy tho,untill i few weeks ago i managed a vodafone store,one of the ones that couldnt sell iphone 4, people blamed vodafone for this selected store exclusivity but they are rong its once again the big boy apple just being the bully they are! So eb and jb and all these other ozzy firms can go get shafted, we dont have a joined rugby team so why the hell should we as kiwis be subjected to ozzy controled game supply. This isnt just a matter of corporate bullying but its also a issue of the fact that we as kiwis should show some national pride and tell these corporate pricks to treat us as our own country! Go the mighty mighty ape!

  • Dylan says: 17 September 2010, 9:11pm

    It's true, we do occasionally parallel import. Why? Because a) it's oftentimes the only way we can get key titles (i.e. Collector's Edition that are exclusive to other retailers), and b) games are often so much cheaper offshore it's impossible to justify buying them locally and passing that cost onto our customers. We'll play no part in overcharging customers in a closed market, but that's a subject for another post...

  • Kirsty says: 17 September 2010, 9:59pm

    Dylan, I think maybe you have just answered your own question as to why you don't get support from local supply?

    I for one like to buy my stuff locally as I now firmly beleive that we need to support NZ businesses that support NZ suppliers and hire NZ staff.

    I really do think that an "NZ Business" sourcing their product offshore isn't really an NZ business.

    From what I can see JB and EB source locally so that will be where my support lies.

  • Daniel says: 17 September 2010, 10:10pm

    I ordered move through a former boss after he told me he'd been to a demo(of move and other releases for 2010) held by the suppliers and they had said there was going to be a shortage of move in the country, this was about 3 weeks ago now.

    I'm surprised that MA didn't know that there would be a shortage of stock into the country when people who don't even sell games knew about it from the supplier.


  • Kirsty says: 17 September 2010, 10:23pm

    Yes, all a little one sided are the views I say.

  • Jared says: 17 September 2010, 10:30pm

    You guys will have my support no matter what. I'm only really looking forward to Mass Effect 3 at the moment, and I would love to get the inevitable collector's edition from you. I've always had exceptional customer service from GP Store/Mighty Ape, and it pisses me off to no end to see that you guys are getting shafted like this.

  • Nathan says: 17 September 2010, 10:37pm

    Kirsty your a ****** nimrod it would seem, at the end of the day mighty ape are only tryna do whats best for their customers, if suppliers are being nobs mighty ape go buy else where just like u as a consumer would go else where if u were being treated like a nob

  • Simon says: 17 September 2010, 10:49pm

    Hey Kirsty, why not reveal who you work for? No need to pretend to be a customer or a gamer, your IP address, zero orders and joining up today is a giveaway. Shameful.

  • Nathan says: 17 September 2010, 10:50pm

    Once again i say it if u cant get it in nz who can blame mh for wanting to offer their customers same product as what oposition can if that means going over seas then so be it. At end of day i think you have digressed to a incorect tangent.the issue here is the fact than nzs game market is monopolised FACT and some firms are veing shat on not just mighty ape FACT and we as kiwis should no be accepting that. I mean government forced tellecom to open up their monopoly on land lines as monopolistic behaviour is anti compettive and in the long run ***** customers right up the ass. This market exclusivity is exactly the same

  • Nathan says: 17 September 2010, 10:52pm

    I would like to make a suggestion then simon...hang eb jb and kirsty hahahahha

  • Michael says: 17 September 2010, 11:47pm

    Either way one store getting a special edition over another is pretty unfair. Also its pretty stupid trying to launch a product when you do not have enough to meet demand.

    Mighty ape has delivered outstanding customer service to me since I joined the site and I feel like they are not a big chain who only care about making money but a company that want to provide a good service to people first and foremost. So if they source product offshore to give the NZ public a fair, reasonable and affordable price then I feel they are a great kiwi business!

  • Arthur says: 17 September 2010, 11:50pm

    This "story" would have some significance in my view if MA is still a store that is market-leading in terms of new release games. It isn't.

    With almost all new games releases that I am interested in/have bought over the last 2 years, I am finding or have found that I can pick them up for cheaper at JBHifi. People can call it a big corporate or whatever you like but they employ people too. A copy of any game is ultimately the same thing anywhere and I'll follow my wallet. Sorry, guys, I only buy from you when you have your sales on now.

  • Paul says: 18 September 2010, 1:28am

    Arthur there is way more to this than price, MA gives the best service I have ever seen in a gaming company. I have been a Customer of GPStore back when Simon and I played UO (god that was years ago haha) and through to Mighty Ape, and I will say here that NOTHING beats Mighty Ape. I get new releases delivered to me at 7am on release day, no shop can compare to that. Simon built this business from the ground up and it is shameful to see these Aussie fuckers trying to muscle in on it. Keep the faith guys, you have overwhelming support from your customer base.

    PS. Simon its a pity you never did open that Christchurch store, hang in there bud do not let them get to you..

  • Warren says: 18 September 2010, 5:39am

    lmao at kirsty :)
    EB & the other places dont have hardly any PC game software which is kinda sad. Though I think a problem with PC games is that Steam has grown to be quite a good delivery system, so making your lives that much tougher.
    Anyway you guys do it with style, panache & some sharp pricing keep it up

  • Tina says: 18 September 2010, 6:28am

    I have been recommending MA to my friends for ages now and will continue to do so. For me this is the BEST/ONLY place to shop for games etc - best value, best service!!!!!!!!!!!! As said before thanks for being honest. I never realised how hard it can be for your guys. You do an awesome job!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John says: 18 September 2010, 6:53am

    I Love MA service and commitment to their customers, I know what goes on in the gaming area as having previously worked at harvey normans and dealing directly with the suppliers. Some just dont care about pre-orders and only order in a little bit at a time and charge a higher than usual price. Consoles are usually bad. The practice of exclusive CE available only at certain retailers (cough ahem EB cough cough) needs to stop as it is hurting NZ businesses, and those who say EB is local the ppl who work there might be local but most the profit goes offshore to the states, where if you buy with MA the money stays in NZ and is invested back into the best online store on the net. Go mighty ape - crush the competition!!!

  • Barrett says: 18 September 2010, 8:15am

    You can't really blame the bigger companies for the Move problem. Everyone was short-shipped. As for the exclusives, aren't most now just exclusive DLC? I'm sure within your bargaining power, even though you're not getting the Force Unleashed 2 Collectors, you would be able to provide something alternative, such as DLC codes, or a figurine. It doesn't necessarily have to be a sealed collectors edition, you could mix and match things. Buy 100 normal editions, followed by 100 figurines. The companies can't really complain at that. If you had the money, we know you'd try to secure the business, but you don't just deal in games which is why a lot of people shop with you. You're not really a competitor when it comes to EB and such as you are an online store, and they don't have their website running. I know a lot of people don't like buying online which is why actual shops will always be there.

  • John says: 18 September 2010, 8:49am

    @Barrett: MA isnt blaming the bigger companies for move - they are blaming the suppliers, even tho MA kept them updated - Sony never made contact to say they had a set number of units coming into the country. I do like your idea on a possible solution :P make it better than the collectors edition :D

  • mike says: 18 September 2010, 9:12am

    Kristy, your support lies with supporting organizations owned by offshore entities. What that means is that the profits they generate do not get spent in New Zealand. Their net contribution to New Zealand is mostly made up of minimum wage payments to their staff. At least MA is New Zealand owned with any profits spent in New Zealand.

    This behavior is no different that of Telecom in the past. What it results in is consumers paying more than what they should be, this cant be good for New Zealand.

    I am assuming you are an "innocent" poster and not an employee of one of these companies.

  • Aaron says: 18 September 2010, 9:15am

    Hang in there Mighty Ape. Parallel import if you have to, I personally don't care where you get the games from, as long as they work here. I appreciate you guys continuing to fight for us and ensuring we are getting the best price possible!

  • mike says: 18 September 2010, 9:17am

    Simon, remember there are 65000 members of gameplanet who could vote with their feet. I am sure at least some could be mobilized to petition local MPs and /or said suppliers.. if nothing else to boycott certain titles.. s

  • Tristan says: 18 September 2010, 9:45am

    After being called out "Kirsty" doesn't respond?!

    I've been buying stuff from Mighty Ape since it was GP Store and it's been fantastic. Never had any issues and like has been said above I was quick to point the finger at MA over this latest Move issue however after reading this my full support is with them.

    EB Games is a HORRIBLE store to shop at. You go there and check out a game (Example, Fallout 3 for PS3) which was being advertised for $129.99 and then look online at MA or even DSE and they have it for sub 69.99! How can these *insert a massive string of swear words* people justify that? JB Hi-Fi is no better either. I just purchased (not directly gaming related) a 3D TV and they tried to charge me $500 more than another company in town at their normal retail price!

    Long live MA and i'm happy to support you in any way I can. Sign something? Harrass someone via phone? Throw toilet paper over someones house?! You name it!

  • Talia says: 18 September 2010, 9:48am

    Your honesty is what keep people coming back. Prices may make a difference but to us consumers who have been with you all the way back at GPstore, we know that the service here is way better then anything at JB or EB. When I can get up at 7am and met the courier at my front door to recieve Halo:Reach so that I can call in sick and play all day, I get a great big smile on my face knowing there are a bunch of idiots down town and around the country waiting at the front door of a shop that wont open till 8 maybe even 9am.

    Keep up the great service and if you have to parallel import then thats just what has to be done. I reccomend you to all my friends and even my customers when we are on the right subject.

    Buying from a Kiwi company in NZ keeps us going even if he imports first. You buy from the others, yeah they employ local people but take away there wages, and paying the basic on the building, the rest of the money is gone byebye.

  • Talia says: 18 September 2010, 9:49am

    *BIG HUG*

  • Arthur says: 18 September 2010, 11:11am

    Paul: apreciate your sentiments but the delivery issue isn't that big a deal to me (and MA doesn't do free deliveries any more). Any new releases that I've wanted/want over the last 2 years to now, I can instantly pick up on day of release at a JBHifi for 10 - 20% cheaper (usually the latter) 5 mins drive away from home. Being "cool" and customer friendly etc is nice but I am just picking up a copy of a game and not hiring an architect to build my dream home.

  • Kiano says: 18 September 2010, 11:16am

    "EA is about to grant yet another exclusive to the same foreign-owned retail chain. "

    No, this can't be. Medal of Honor Limited Edition. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO..........

    **** you EB games, you overpriced piece of ****.

    I'm with MightyApe to the end.

  • Amer says: 18 September 2010, 11:32am

    Not getting anything from the "foreign-owned retail chain" anymore. Mighty Ape all the way!

  • Kris says: 18 September 2010, 11:46am

    "No, this can't be. Medal of Honor Limited Edition. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.........."
    Won't be the MOH LE, that's available to everyone nationwide.
    Interesting article, interesting point-of-view

  • Kiano says: 18 September 2010, 11:49am

    I am relieved Kris. I am relieved.

  • Tony says: 18 September 2010, 12:13pm

    Mightyape, you ape's are the best in the buisness when it comes to exchanging my hard earned money for top quality games at awesome prices! Keep it up and don't let these Bigwigs tear you down!

    Mightyape FTW!

  • Simeon says: 18 September 2010, 12:32pm

    Maybe we need to petition the suppliers for less exclusivity :P.

    I have been a loyal customer since I bought my first ever game from you guys when you were GPStore, haven't looked back since, often your even cheaper than those other stores WITH their sales on :D

  • Malcolm says: 18 September 2010, 12:35pm

    This really sucks, I've been a customer of mighty apes since the Simon Street shop days, I used to get my Amiga games from you guys... Customer service has always been the best from the team.

    Hang in their, you will always get my support!

  • Matthew says: 18 September 2010, 12:45pm

    As a representative of one of Mighty Ape's suppliers in another category, I have huge sympathy with their position on this. It is truly appalling that they are being hemmed in like this - not just by the suppliers who grant the exclusive, but also by the laws that prevent them from sourcing it internationally.
    In the category I operate in, suppliers know that failure to serve the market here will quickly result in both our NZ retailers and NZ consumers seeking out other ways to get what they want. Sadly, when that happens, some if not all the revenue is lost to NZ businesses, and hey, we all need every dollar we can get right now.
    Keep up your good work, Mighty Ape and don't let the b***ards grind you down!!

  • Adam says: 18 September 2010, 12:55pm

    Im Staying With Mighty Ape Always , I dont buy collector editions, i use that extra money for more games lol

  • Jack says: 18 September 2010, 1:15pm

    Went into EB this morning after my hair cut to see what was available and the staff literally ignored me and when I asked about "what was coming out for the 360" and "anything good" there response was pitiful, no enthusiasm, not really wanting to help at all, they just wanted me to buy lame crap they already had on shelf instead of answering my damn questions about what's coming out in the future.....

    MA all the way, never shopping anywhere else for my games.

    Keep up the great work MA

  • Kiano says: 18 September 2010, 1:35pm

    @Jack: Makes you wonder why EB call themselves 'video game specialists' huh?

    Anyway, I think MightyApe should expand.

  • Craig says: 18 September 2010, 1:45pm

    Im actually very impressed with the service and effort Mighty ape has put into their customer service, Order set up and general commitment to meeting expectations across the board (not just in the gaming front) I honestly believe that retailers such as EB games (and lets face it guys these are the evil guys of NZ now) are really destroying the face of gaming within NZ with their 'exclusivity' deals. I semi know the inner workings of eb games (since i knew most of the guys in there when i USED to go there before you guys offered the most amazing deals!!!!)

    Its really sad that you guys have had to fight tooth and nail against these guys and i actually feel really guilty that i pulled my Move Order from you guys one week before release because of a cheaper deal with JB Hi Fi (Of course im going to go for the better deals, :(....)

    However this blog really has inspired me somewhat, im tempted to cancel ALL my pre-orders through JB Hi Fi in order to use you guys singularly as my main source of games etc etc....if you guys are willing to price gladly going to support you guys to the end.

    Let this also stand as the day i refuse to ever buy from EB games ever again, not that i was anyway...but i will never ever step inside that demons lair ever again.

    I wish you guys all the best of luck of taking down this titan because they need to be brought back down to earth.

  • Arthur says: 18 September 2010, 2:09pm

    Incidentally, since MA is talking about competition and ensuring better prices, when are the more competitive prices that were supposed to come after the dropping of free shipping gonna arrive?

  • Craig says: 18 September 2010, 2:21pm

    They are there, you just have to smart about it and look for them :)

  • Stephen says: 18 September 2010, 3:51pm

    @ Simon's response to Kristy. Never have I seen such a poor attitude towards a member of the public. I'm not saying I support the view of Kristy, because I don't but there is a level of professionalism that needs to be upheld when dealing with the public, even if they purchase from you or not. I feel the response was badly handled and set a completely inappropriate tone which made it very unprofessional. A little disappointing indeed, however I do support Mighty Ape's stance on this issue

  • Nikolas says: 18 September 2010, 4:15pm

    Those bitches ain't got shit on you.

  • matthew says: 18 September 2010, 4:32pm

    Did MightyApe request exclusive rights for either the Settlers 7 collectors edition or the Monty Python (13 DVD) collectors edition(Aug 2009)?

    I would have thought getting the exclusive for the DVD set would cost some coin(or x stock orders), given the movies themselves pull in 10-15million a year.

    Shame about Sony not being able to provide the number of stock that you informed them you had preorders for.

  • Nathan says: 18 September 2010, 5:28pm

    @ steven - man grow a pair - she soo is working for the oppopsoin THAT in its self is unprofesional mate and simon never ever made and acusation he just questioned..... at end of day man mighty ape are bees neez!


  • Andrew says: 18 September 2010, 5:39pm


  • Cameron says: 18 September 2010, 6:02pm

    Mighty Ape, you are amazing. You actually treat us (the customers) like human beings. Something that EB never will....

  • Darryl says: 18 September 2010, 6:03pm

    Maybe Kristy was the girl behind the counter who asked me if I wanted GT5 Prologue on the 360..

  • Tom says: 18 September 2010, 6:10pm

    **** off Kristy.

  • Karl says: 18 September 2010, 6:41pm

    i think this sux mightyape is the only place i buy my games from now i can get the games i want (not just what ever game the shop decides it wants to stock) and i don't have to go to the shop it comes to me :) and i can get them at a very good price. And i am kept informed of game specials and and any game that i might be interested in. Go mightyape

  • Desiree says: 18 September 2010, 8:20pm

    Hey Mighty Ape, we your customers know you are always doing right by us. Perhaps you should speak with ComCom and see if this tactic being taken in our NZ market, is breaching the anti-competitive laws that we in this country operate within. It would be worth having a chat with them; even if it is just to see if you can find some ways to minimise the behaviour in the future.

    Good Luck and thank you for informing us; it is good to know what is happening in the market place.

  • Matt says: 18 September 2010, 8:32pm

    Sadly these things happen. I wish MA was getting the special edition of Star Wars but I knew it was an EB Games only due to their website listing. Look at the Assassin's Creed Brother Hood Coxdex(sp) edition, it is EB Games only and it's $180!

    Seems these companies are Nazis and MA are the resistance trying to bring order into the world.

    Long live Mighty Ape!

  • Craig says: 18 September 2010, 9:51pm

    Would i be the only one to say that i would love to be able to walk into a Mighty Ape store in about 5 to 10 years time and be able to still get all the prices i get online as well as the excellent level of service provided by the site. im gonna go with a definite yes on this idea, even if it never happened i know for sure id rather walk into a Mighty ape store that could provide it all and go the extra mile for their customers over highly priced, unknowledgable, uncaring and generally uninterested competitor.....

  • Tracy says: 18 September 2010, 9:56pm

    EB and other similar game stores have let me down in the past, when I have pre-ordered stuff, they always fail to deliver and make up a stupid reason behind it all.

    I came to Mighty Ape in search of a Collectors Edition and they had it, I couldn't find it any where else, you guys have a great system and a strong community background. It saddens me when I find that the Larger Companies are stepping over the smaller firms. A++ Mighty Ape. Best Store Ever.

  • Carl says: 18 September 2010, 10:00pm

    I shop at mightyape when I can but I can get new release games (PAL versions) shippied for free from the UK for $40 to $60 less that the RRP in New Zealand and I only get them 3 days later. Plus they are sealed and exactly the same as the ones sold in NZ.

  • Helena says: 18 September 2010, 11:44pm

    You may have a case with the Commerce Commission. Dominating the market that severly (especially through influencing of suppliers) is traditionally frowned upon in NZ.

  • Pascal says: 19 September 2010, 12:09am

    Simon Barton, you are a true legend. It is rare to hear that a CEO will go to such lengths for their customers and ... yeah. Awesome dude, just awesome. Thank you.

  • Jack says: 19 September 2010, 8:57am

    Haha well played Simon, Kirsty is definitely feeling the burn! Now to be fair I don't have a 100% perfect service record with The Ape - mind you, I couldn't name a company who does these days. Having worked in the service industry for several years myself, I can say that such slip-ups are inevitable and are almost always due to outside factors such as those mentioned above. It really is disheartening to see it happening within such an industry - I'm a musician by night, and I've always thought that the film, art, music, literature, and nowadays gaming industries were all interlinked - essentially forming the 'creative sector'/the backbone of our culture. The core service of these industries is the provision of entertainment to the masses - distribution channels (such as The Ape) are merely part of a process to get the product from A to B, and accordingly should be absolutely unhindered to allow for fair and equal access... Now this may sound a little over the top in regards to the Star Wars scenario - Collector's Edition/Non-Collector's Edition - but in the bigger picture it has far more colossal and damaging ramifications: What if Sony decided that the new PlayStation wasn't available anywhere but EB with a ridiculous price tag on it (lets face it - EB are known for this, along with being "out of touch")... It's monopolistic behaviour, and shouldn't be warranted or tolerated - good on you Mr Barton for blowing the whistle - you've certainly got cojones! Keep on trucking Mighty Ape, and we'll keep on buying.

    PS looking forward to Civ5 :)

  • Paul says: 19 September 2010, 10:15am Delivery; recently had an order for two items with 1 being on pre-order. Chose to have both items sent out

    at the same time but the pre-order got sent out early :) and the second item sent out later that day. Both arrived via the

    same courier next day....Postage on second item $0.00. Cheers MA :D

    RE:Exclusive Deals, sadly this happens everywhere but in this case it's every one that loses out. If Activision (or whoever)

    want to exclusively allow only one outlet to sell a product when other outlets can also sell it, who misses out.
    Activision etc, the outlet and the gamer/purchaser.
    Once companies realize that the more they put out to retail (regardless of whose selling, I'll only buy from MA) the more

    they'll sell = more for everyone! ;)

  • Lisa says: 19 September 2010, 11:10am

    Well that sux, I only buy games from Mighty Ape, cos they are the best. Not buying from EB

  • Mike says: 19 September 2010, 2:06pm

    I used to pre-order from Gamesman online until EB brought them out and then canceled all my pre-orders followed by an email suggesting that I pre-order all my game again through EB. The lower levels of Hell are set aside for all who mess with a mans pre-orders.
    So, I converted to Mighty Ape with all my gaming passion.

    P.S. I LOVE your daily deals!!!

  • Allan says: 19 September 2010, 4:07pm

    After I find it interesting that a foreign owned company is allowed to buy out its competition to such a large extent within this country. Especially when this can allow such a company to almost monopolize it's target market.

    It is sad that as the movement of gaming to the mainstream of society has made this industry more profitable it has unfortunately as result made it more cut-throat.

    This state of affairs is only the tip of the iceberg really, but something must be done to counteract the monopolization of gaming in a similar sense as to how the airline industry is monitored to ensure reasonable but not ludicrous competition.

    This is just my two-cents on the matter but I would suggest bringing this to peoples attention through the media or the commerce commission (as stated by Helena in a previous post) .

    Thanks MightyApe for your continued effort to put customers before pure profits.

  • cameron says: 20 September 2010, 8:30am

    Hey just wandering as i keep hearing that people get pre-orders of games pretty much 1st thing in the morning. MA just look at my account an you will see I pre-order probably more games than i have spare time for ;) but they only seem to arrive about midday-mid afternoon even on release day?

    Like im not overly fussed about it as I still keep shopping but just checking that when you pre-order unreleased stuff are they meant to arrive as early as possible on release day. btw i live in central Auckland near a courier-post pick up so always wandered why it takes half a day before i get them.

    Anyway I love mighty ape and would rather shop here most of the time as nothing beats their good range, friendly and reliable service.
    Even when something wrong does happen they have the best response and go above an beyond fixing it which is something lacking from certain big business who merely go meh an only do something if your willing to pay more despite the fact it was their mistake.

    Its just big business doing what it does best... screwing everyone else for a slight increase in their percentage of sales.
    Just look at what big chain malls do to local pop an mum stores/boutique
    the little guy struggles to compete because the big chain can commander prices by buying such high volumes of units that they get a discount small companies cant compete with.

    (i may be wrong but my mate at a big yellow store told me that they buy for every store in the country so have such a huge volume of units that they get an unfair discount compared to what their competitors have to pay plus this gives them the power to hold so much sway over suppliers...

    think about it... if they have such a huge unit order they can threaten to go elsewhere if suppliers dont meet their demands and with such a big customer which supplier would tell them to fob off.

    but that discount rarely makes its way to giving the customer the better deal as when they can pay to monopolise a product they have no reason to place competitive prices.

    Idk im over big business because all they seem to do is screw everyone(like the cliched comment about sales people would sell their own grandmother if they could make a quick buck).

    Monopolising anything usually means the consumer comes last.
    For years telecom stripped the company to make more money and shipped majority of profits overseas with little reinvestment and then people wonder why we have such an awfull un 1st world internet service now in 2010...Just go to any major developed country an its a joke

    Time an time again monoplies have only proven to be self serving entities where the consumer usually gets shafted. :/

    I didn't realise that its ok for one company to hold so much control in a market seeing how much the gov went on about forcing telecom to open up their monoploy back in the day but money talks i suppose...

    regardless I'd rather be treated by decent people at mighty ape even if its slightly cheaper elsewhere. heck even when other companies monopolize special editions i will still rather go without an buy standard at MA

    (if your anti anything then stand by your beliefs an dont give in by buying from them)

  • Shaun says: 20 September 2010, 12:29pm

    Stopped shopping at EB years ago.

  • Trevor says: 20 September 2010, 12:47pm

    Since finding Mighty Ape I have always thought that they have the best deals and customer service values of any store around.
    I haven't even looked at and EB Games store since.

    It's unfair of an overseas-owned store to monopolize game distribution in New Zealand, and quite frankly I wish there was a way to get back at them...maybe provide some Mighty Ape posters we can put up outside their stores? =)

  • Craig says: 20 September 2010, 12:51pm


    I support this action.

  • Alias says: 20 September 2010, 1:25pm

    Cameron: that will be due to the courier company, if you check the [Track It] feature of your order it will show that it gets shipped the day before and picked up by your local courier driver in the morning.
    Couple years ago, when ah used to stay up all night, ah would hear a (thump) on the front step around 6-7am and it would be mah parcel, but lately ah'm lucky if it arrives before 1pm

  • Matt says: 20 September 2010, 3:00pm

    The only reason I prefer local pre order is because you can get it on the spot rather than waiting for the lazy courier driver to bring it to you in the afternoon.

  • Craig says: 20 September 2010, 3:53pm

    I reckon Mighty Ape writes up a petition regarding this event and then pass it on to the suppliers to show our united front on this topic. See if it attracts any more attention and therefore more supporters of this action maybe?

    Just an idea i suppose ;)

  • Tim says: 20 September 2010, 5:02pm

    Why don't you take the store that has the exclusive to court? Surely this must be a restriction on trade that limits competition. Wouldn't that be in breach of the commerce act?

  • Sophie says: 20 September 2010, 7:07pm

    Sheesh -no I don't like them granting exclusives to certain businesses. It simply creates a monotomy. And a monotony of high prices.
    They should think about things a little further: if you have high priced games, you're going to sell smaller quantities. Only those who really want it AND have the cash to spare will go for it. Others who might otherwise be interested will wait and wait and wait until it finally comes down to 50% of the price because sellers can't get rid of it.
    That's one way to look at it anyway. But granting exclusives to one company for a particular area... it's really not right.

  • Geoffrey says: 21 September 2010, 9:13am

    And what would the full story be Kirsty? MA's competitors may buy locally but their profits go offshore. Add to that the majority of "local" distributors are not NZ owned at all, and the money goes offshore anyway. They are simply here to gouge profits on what they can. MA buying here or overseas makes no difference to where the money goes.

  • Mayur says: 21 September 2010, 1:05pm

    Having worked for EB about five years ago I am completely aware of the kind of things they get up to which one could question ethically. I don't support what's going on here as freedom of choice should always be up to the consumer. If there are to be retailer exclusives why not have them like in the US where specific retailers have particular pre-order bonus'.

    However, this is business. Since NZ is a small economy unfortunately EB can do this and it makes perfect business sense to do so - effectively take away MA's customers piece by piece with the eventual hope of making their gaming section collapse.

    They did it to CPI and they tried to with Gamesman but ended assimilating them instead. It'll be a sad day if something like that were to befall MA.

    Having worked as a manager in games retail and in online promotion in games editorial I've seen many of the shortcomings of this industry, many of which are completely absurd. I would hope that someone publishes an article to the public officially detailing it. Though I think it would have little long-term impact a statement is a statement and this is a strong one.

  • Brendan says: 21 September 2010, 3:31pm

    this is wrong , you guys are the best. ull never see me in eb games at all. its bull. mighty ape all the way! hope this doesnt happen for gt5 ce!

  • Reuben says: 21 September 2010, 3:38pm

    File a compliant. Monopolies are frowned upon in New Zealand remember.. so supplies cannot deal solely with one business even if its contractual.

  • Reuben says: 21 September 2010, 3:54pm

    Also ive noticed people complaining about MA sourcing from overseas.... NO GAMES are made in New Zealand ffs (read the back, it says Australia) also all this suppliers (in NZ) are usually other chains or AUS businesses so its not supporting New Zealand at all buying from them. If you have to go retail go to the Warehouse its usually as cheap as any other as well and is at least partly Kiwi. Also MA price matches so just flick them an email ;)

  • Joseph says: 21 September 2010, 4:36pm

    This sucks, I am affected by the lack of Star Wars Force Unleashed II Collectors Edition as well.
    Its a pity that it happened to this game as this was the one that I will go with who ever had the collectors edition (I am the biggest Star Wars nerd this side of the Galactic Republic).
    If it were any other game, I would have gone with the standard edition and another game to make up what I would have spent with you guys (because you’re awesome).

    It saddens me to see that the big international companies like Gamespot and EB Games (one in the same really) do not give the, in my opinion, better smaller national companies a slice of the materialistic money pie.
    But in reality it all boils down to how a developer wants the game released, which even further boils down to a base emotion of human nature... greed and in this case specifically for money. A good example is with Sony and Move as prior mentioned in your original blog.

    Mighty Ape is a rare company in the fact that it does not cheat people out of money with fine print, they are honest and try help a customer to the best of their abilities whenever they are needed. Game developers, suppliers, and other game stores don't listen to their fans (not that suppliers actually have many fans but...) and almost continually let their fans down.
    Mighty Ape on the other hand has a unique hands on approach with their customers through Facebook, Twitter and the mail service. Mighty Ape is a truly remarkable New Zealand company.
    I think I can safely say that 100% of your customers are not angry with Mighty Ape over the supply issues and will continue to purchase through you guys until the end of time.
    I will be doing 99.9999999999% of gaming shopping through you guys, this game just happened to be the 0.0000000001% that I had to buy else where.
    So sorry, but may I leave these parting words...
    May the Force be with you, always.


  • Chris says: 21 September 2010, 9:30pm


    There's more to it than that. Suppliers get the games rated in NZ, which can cost a lot of money. They have to recoup this cost through selling the game to NZ retailers. If a retailer bypasses this by sourcing overseas, then they're not contributing to the cost of getting the game rated in NZ.

    While a retailer is allowed to import if they wish (as long as games with restricted content carry a NZ rating sticker), you can't be surprised if it strains the retailer/supplier relationship.

    Technically that's a whole different issue. In regards to the topic of this blog post, I'm all-for market equality, and no retailer should have exclusive products over another. Don't go thinking it's just limited to the video game market though. Even flicking through The Warehouse brochures, you can sometimes spot things like Lego kits "exclusive to The Warehouse". :-(

  • Simon says: 21 September 2010, 9:49pm

    I think it’s fantastic that a MA is not laying down and taking it.
    Fight and fight hard MA we are with you.
    To the gutless losers from EB etc here on this blog have the balls to say who you are and state fact.

    MA rock on...... to the others Burn baby burn

  • Linda says: 21 September 2010, 10:57pm

    I like both JB Hi-Fi and Mighty Ape. Both have good prices and stock (I shop more at JB as they're only a 5 minute drive and their prices are really good, but when I still really like Mightyape, especially considering the shipping is extremely fast)

    EB Games... well... they're overpriced and their customer service sucks (had past experiences. Asked to move one game from one store to another, kept getting lost between stores until they eventually found it, months later).

    Keep up the awesome work Mighty Ape :)

  • Matt says: 22 September 2010, 9:40am

    I would only do EB games for their on the day releases. The only risk I have with MA now is if the postage is too slow and takes the afternoon or longer to get here.

  • Sandie says: 22 September 2010, 1:03pm

    I work for a teeny tiny toy shop and I know what we go through to try and get half the stock we need.. those big sheds have a lot of buying muscle and it really ruins ya day! go mighty ape ..the service is always excellent! :)

  • Nick says: 22 September 2010, 6:07pm

    I find it funny that bigger chains still flat-out refuse to pricematch with MA (even non-daily deals and specials!). yet cozy up to big game companies to secure exclusive rights to Collectors Editions. What a bunch of schmucks.

    I wish you guys had decided to buy out Gamesman before EB got their dirty mitts on it, it's gut-wrenching to walk into one of the few Gamesmans left and find EB stickers everywhere and that godawful announcer blaring in the radio!

  • chester says: 22 September 2010, 6:13pm

    After checking around ringing several different retail stores to find out if any sell collectors additions to my surprise none did apart from EB which I think is totally unfair! Why should a foreign owned company get the monopoly on these special editions of merchandise its a joke, just like the prices they have!

    After checking for the same game on here I had to buy it since it was of course cheaper but also because you guys are a Kiwi company, which makes all the difference!

    Keep up the great work I'm sure all us Gamers and Movie-Addicts will continue to show our gratitude ! :D

  • alan says: 22 September 2010, 6:36pm

    i think this is poor form from a company i have supported for years to go out and do something like this and you should be ashamed to be acting this way if you only knew how many times i have sent people from said"overseas owned" company to your site only because i had faith in your service to hear about this from my customers the truth as you even said was you have been taking orders since it was announced is that you were never promised said edition you just assumed the fualt lies with yourselves not the publisher you need to grow up.




  • Krystal says: 22 September 2010, 7:50pm

    Please delete my account Mightyape. I really don't want to be buying from a hypocrite.
    I support NZ. I support the businesses bringing lots of jobs into this country.
    Exclusives are fair, get used to it.
    Half of you are clearly under eighteen, who use Mightyape to get yourselves Grand Theft Auto since they can't really ID check.
    And while I'm here, sure MA sometimes has cheaper new release products but you look for older stock, still fullprice here.

  • Simon says: 22 September 2010, 8:45pm

    I think you need to state fact not fiction. The likes of EB do sales on games that are 6 months plus old say 20 – 50% off marked price the marked price on 99% of them is higher, than the date they were 1st released to the public at full RRP which Means places like MA current price is still cheaper than there’s with 20 – 50% off simple math
    You also need to read the above a few time and do a little research even ask questions if you still don’t understand. Because you’re missing the whole point of that is being said. Sadly its people like you and a few of the above that are bring this country down.

  • Krystal says: 22 September 2010, 9:27pm

    The point is MA is attacking Sony for their messup.
    This turned into an attack on exclusives, which is just natural competition.
    Which turned into a bitch session about chain stores.
    Chains can't put their prices up without justification, and neither can MA. The end line is, games can be cheaper at chains and online, it depends on availability and things. It's the same product, and I usually get it wherever is cheaper. The only time you should see an increase in price should be Oct 1st with GST. Some places are just going to absorb that loss.
    But new games NEVER go up in price without the previous justification. It just sometimes takes a while for them to come down, and it has a lot to do with the vendors supplying. *cough*activision*cough* EB/JB also does preowned so if price is a problem, buy secondhand. I always do if it's available.

    And before anyone pulls the service line, pushing a few buttons online isn't service.

  • Tycho says: 22 September 2010, 10:26pm

    Boycott EB! They have been ripping off customers for too long and now are ripping off a company!

  • Kellianne says: 23 September 2010, 7:53am

    Pretty poor form having a massive cry like this, MA.
    I had picked you guys to be more professional than that.
    Ever think maybe your parallel importing pisses off local vendors and THAT'S why they're not supplying you?

  • Simon says: 23 September 2010, 8:00am

    Do you work in the gaming Business ?
    You still dont get what is going on !
    MA were told that they would have X amounts of PS move stock for day 1 release a few days out from day one the stock comes in missing about 95% odd of that they were told they could have So not MA messing up. As for EB they are using there size in the market to get exclusives, Thats fine to a point but when the exclusives have already been like move stock had units given to other companys ie MA, JB and now have been pulled for EB. Service Iam not sure how much you have purchased here on MA but I guessing not much as you just dont have a qlue.

  • Stacey says: 23 September 2010, 8:17am

    You are just assuming that EB got its full stock order of Move. How do you know that it wasn't a short supply across the board? Just because MA could buy Moves from JB HiFi and EB doesn't mean that they got a full order supply either. I think it is just bad that the supplier didn't keep MA updated as to the status of what was going to be received in NZ and that they would be short-supplying.
    By the way I have not brought from EB Games in over a year. I only ask the questions as I think there were two issues in the original blog and it has skewed that it is all EB Games fault for both issues and not the supplier. They way I read it is that it is the supplier who is not being upfront and honest.

  • Simon says: 23 September 2010, 9:03am

    Yeah sure I believe alot of places got short changed. What bits is that pre orders should have been covered across the board before some shores like EB were given full Pre-order plus some shop stock where other got nothing full stop. There is alot more going on in back rooms at the moment. The move issue has just opened more peoples eyes to the tip of alot more. Alot of agreements are being broken to keep some groups happy. I am a customer I should not be forced in an open market to do business with a below par company if I dont want too.

  • cameron says: 23 September 2010, 9:08am

    I work for a major retail chain yet not quite as big as the big ones and deal with orders from suppliers as well.

    WE dont just go oh hey you know this move thing it sounds cool can we please have a couple... cheers.

    well in advance we receive order forms for all major game releases and if we order them before a certain time(well in advance) we get it slightly cheaper than leaving it to later.

    the supplier supply's us with an order form for the products they are supplying well in advance and we order them under the expectation of having them on release day.
    The exact number might increase depending on demand later on
    but we know that any of our late orders will be dependent on availability but with our original orders that they've made with us in advance there is no reason to relocate our allocation.

    If we knew suppliers would decide to give our orders which they supplied to us under the assumption we would have them when they become available to the market and they knew we had placed our order in advance then we wouldn't have bought it.

    The main problem is with suppliers is that there is a lack of communication sometimes. Even when we place orders well in advance an pay we only find out we have been shafted or wont receive stock till much later after the release date.
    We only find out after the games dont show up and we have to ring them.

    By then we have already payed and if we had known they wouldn't supply us when they said they would we wouldn't have wasted our money.

    plus i know how much we buy the games for from suppliers so it certainly is interesting.

    just my point of view and may have no relevance to who MA deals with.

  • cameron says: 23 September 2010, 9:19am

    NZ is a small country with very limited suppliers.

    Sometimes they dictate how many units we order and we have to buy them otherwise they wont supply them to us on release day.
    With some products there is only one nz supplier..

    its just business.

  • James says: 23 September 2010, 11:08am

    gameplanet aww yea those were the days keeps strong fellas

  • Matthew says: 23 September 2010, 11:54am

    "our journey to creating a world class online shopping site for New Zealanders."

    I don't know about anyone else, but MightyApe has had the best service out of any website or store selling ANYTHING that I have come across.

    So in my opinion, you ALREADY ARE a world class online shopping site.

  • James says: 23 September 2010, 2:39pm

    I have not bought a game from a retail store in like 2 years? pretty much since I've started coming on GP(the now MA). And currently have a whole list of games on pre-order with MA as we speak.

    I like you guys because of the extremely prompt delivery, well packaging. And when there is a need for customer service, your reply is always prompt and helpful. The once or twice when I needed to cancel pre-orders because I needed money elsewhere when release date got closer, your reply and actions have always been prompt even when the release date is so close that I don't think I can cancel.

    Don't lose that! It is what keeps most of us coming back, ciao and good luck!

  • Darryl says: 23 September 2010, 5:42pm


    Do you think that many of the brick and mortar game suppliers are good at enforcing R18 sales?

    TV3's "Target" programme's hidden camera trials in recent years would indicate otherwise.

    In my own experience... I went down to EB for the midnight sale of both GTA:SA and GTAIV (I'm 34 btw) and in both instances there were children not even of high school age standing in the queue to buy those games with their parents, and the Store Manager both times didn't even bat an eyelid as Mum and Dad paid for the game while he handed the game case over to the child.

    Further more, to suggest that half the people responding to this blog are underaged children... Last time I looked, the methods of purchase from Mighty Ape were Internet Transfer, Credit Card and Pay Pal. I highly doubt that 'children' are buying from Mighty Ape using those methods.. especially when at least one of them requires you to be over 18.

  • Kirsty says: 23 September 2010, 6:00pm

    I work for a large (red) retail chain upstairs in a mall from a certain store-who-must-not-be-named.

    If there's something we do not have instock, MA is the first recommendation. I will not send people to those rip-off artists downstairs.

    I'm also a bit of a MA junkie myself lol.

  • Krystal says: 23 September 2010, 8:25pm

    Yes I do work in the gaming industry. I know full well what is going on, thanks. I said MA was attacking Sony for THEIR messup, I never said MA had messed up. Minus the wee cry about it.

    As I recall, EB passed the target sting this year. Some stores are a lot stricter with the games sales. If the kid hands the game to the parent, I refuse sale, and yes, I've had things thrown at me for that. By the parent. It's illegal to sell an R Rated game with the knowledge that it will be supplied to a minor.
    I pay for things via Visa Debit, you have to be sixteen to get one. That's still classed as a "credit card."

  • Simon says: 23 September 2010, 8:45pm

    Which company would that be ?

  • Sandie says: 24 September 2010, 1:44pm

    i think picking at each other is a bit OTT. ..settle people.!
    This kind of mix up happens to small businesses a lot... its the nature of the retail world..big dogs win.. deals are done, I've been hacked off when stuff I have promised customers just hasnt shown up..
    also its MAs blog, they're just saying they're unhappy with the service.. given the opportunity most people vote with their feet, unfortunately we're at the bottom of the food chain and the bottom of the world.... . so our options are limited. Economically its tough to stay afloat when there is little assistence for local retailers - even F&P went off shore! The big guys Can get better deals, MA sells some of the stuff our FLGS does and can do it cheaper..but not by much and that shows how tough it actually is out there.

  • Simon says: 24 September 2010, 2:46pm

    I’m not picking at anyone Just making sure some people here are stating fact and really understand what’s going on at the end of the Day MA is NOT the bad guy.
    The Bad guy is the Supplier. (Not running their business right & breaking agreements)
    There are others in the Market that also do not have clean hands in this and other current situations.
    What Bugs me most is Agreements and company’s word, Are being broken because of
    1) bad business management.
    2) Others going out of their way to make back door deals (with suppliers) to give them the upper hand in the local market and hurt their competition. (They know the Supplier has also made agreements with others in the market but yet they push to break those)
    This Hurts the Customer most the Company selling to them and the market as a whole.

  • Noel says: 26 September 2010, 12:16pm

    As someone who has been buying video games since the Vic 20 days I would definitely have to say that the rise of the corporates into video gaming has worsened the knowledge and service and availability of games.

    In the old days you went to a local retailer who had a passion for the product they were selling and knew about it.

    Dick Smith and Gamesman used to be like that and but Gamesman has sadly gone and Dick Smith is lucky to have one staff member who actually knows anything. It's been a long time since Dick Smith had any pre-orders for any Limited Editions - there buyer clearly sucks.

    I got sick of being told that they didn't know whether they would have a game available - in some cases even a week before release - Beatles Rockband was pretty much the last straw for me.

    EB is too expensive and there is no local store anyway and their policy around being allowed to return games within 7 days and still selling the returns as new means I don't trust that their "new" games have not been played.

    Dick Smith have started not giving me the 10% discount on my VIP card which pretty much kept some sales there. As someone who has spent probably close to $20,000 in that store over the last 30 years I don't want to stand at the counter arguing the point.

    The Warehouse is starting to emerge as a credible alternative to Mighty Ape for standard releases with it's reduced pricing and it's closeness to work.

    I don't have a problem with exclusives - that's life, but retail stores do need to take a long hard look at themselves. If you want me to walk in your door it not actually about the product - it's because you can offer me things an on-line retailer cannot such as knowledgeable staff, not begging for discounts I've been promised, early pre-ordering and a friendly experience that makes me not mind getting out at lunchtime and walking the few blocks to your door.

    Til then Mighty Ape will get much of my business.

  • - says: 26 September 2010, 9:57pm

    Market forces eh?

    Don't worry I won't shift my allegiance :)

  • Jonathan says: 27 September 2010, 1:51am

    The choice to buy my games from MA has always been simple for me. There is literally nowhere else near me that can hope to compete on any count, be it price, speed or service.

    EB's prices are simply insulting most of the time, and their prices on second-hand games doubly so. Combined with their notoriously poor business ethics (letting employees play unsold games; reselling used and returned games as new etc.) I swore off shopping there long ago.

  • Thomas says: 27 September 2010, 10:22am

    I always shopped at Game Planet, and then Mighty Ape when you guys changed...

    I always come here first - for whatever it is.
    I've had to turn to the Gamesman (ONCE), but that's okay. (You guys were way better).

    Occasionally when I am near an EB or so, I'll take a look - and buy something (no insurance).

    But Mighty Ape will always be my main source of games and movies.

  • Vaughan says: 28 September 2010, 2:16am

    Mighty Ape good service always match a price. what other online stores do that NOT MANY. im staying with you mighty ape. best service i have ever had.

  • travis says: 28 September 2010, 9:33pm

    yip we're in it for the long haul.

  • Connor says: 29 September 2010, 3:40pm

    lol i laugh at all u people who are hating on eb i work there and for months we have been saying that SW Force Unleashed 2 coll. edition has been an eb exclusive just like the AC brotherhood codex edition so people get over and unlike mighty ape EB is an offical store/business

  • Simon says: 30 September 2010, 11:55am

    Connor, As per above what you have written shows why most people don't like EB. Because 99% of the people that work for them have no idea what they are doing. My Bet is Mighty Ape will be around alot long in NZ than EB

  • Simon says: 30 September 2010, 11:56am

    live long and prosper Mighty Ape

  • cameron says: 5 October 2010, 6:29pm

    I came across an interesting article at

    "Exclusive Retailer Collector’s Edition Deals: Unfair Trading Or Value for Money?"

    google it yourself or take the link

    "I think that no collector’s edition should be exclusive to any shop for a number of reasons.
    Reason 1: Availability
    Reason 2: Online Shopping
    Reason 3: Price
    Reason 4: Smaller Retailers Disadvantaged

    List of games with exclusive editions:
    Some of the latest games that have a collector’s edition that are only going to be at EB games are :
    Medal of Honor
    Star Wars Force Unleashed 2
    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

    Some of the latest games that have exclusive content only available to JB Hi-Fi are:
    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
    WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011
    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit"

    not entirely relevant to nz but is interesting none the least.

  • Brian says: 7 October 2010, 2:41pm

    One thing that cheeses me off about the NZ mentality is that they are less inclined these days to support local and instead go for the cheapest available. That can range from steel components for bridges from China to even situations like Mighty Ape's. Globalisation sounds all cool and good until you realise (maybe too late) that it's your mom and dad or uncle and aunt who suffers when those chain stores (often foreign-owned) beat out local guys like MA. Once in a while, instead of buying the cheapest, consider first the background of the retailer. DSE is not NZ-owned, EB is not NZ-owned, Harvery Norman is not NZ-owned... And being franchise-owned by a Kiwi does not qualify as NZ-owned! You may spend a few dollars more now, but in the long run, you're better off as a consumer. Hope you keep going strong, MA, even as you pass on savings down to us customers!

  • Thomas says: 14 October 2010, 10:40pm

    I wouldn't say I'm surprised, but I'm so sick of exclusives all over the show for all sorts of products. There's no chance of ever getting them cheaper, and they always seem to be in limited supply (unless they are some total crap that no one wants).

    Exclusives should be something special, such as how some retailers have different bonuses with their games (for example, Gamestop overseas might have a code to unlock a different character costume that is exclusive to Gamestop pre-orders, and EB Games might give you a code to unlock a bonus map for a game).

    Exclusives shouldn't be these Collector's Editions, or Limited Editions or whatever you want to call them. They seem to be steadily becoming more popular, and to be honest, I think they are neat, but sometimes pointless, but they should contain a bunch of neat extras that won't hinder the game if you don't have them (a whole new character unlocked because you paid $20 more is stupid, for example) so that if you ONLY want the game, you pay less, but if you're a die-hard fan, you can get some neat collectables for more.

    I think the new Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2 and Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Collector's Editions have the idea perfected, and $120 for that new Naruto game with the soundtrack as well is music to my ears. Literally.

  • Samuel says: 14 June 2012, 10:06pm

    This really really sucks. It disgusts me that the publishers bend over for the retailers with the market share. If anything they should be looking to places such as Mighty Ape. People trust this site, that's hardly something you would hear about EB or JB.

    I sure hope you'll be able to get Guild Wars 2 Collectors in though, since it's gamestop (EB) exclusive. I don't really care how much you charge, so long as I don't have to go to EB to get it.