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Thomas Lockwood

Design Thinking
by Thomas Lockwood ~ Paperback / softback

This title is filled with practical and insightful expert advice on how to increase productivity through creativity and innovation. Packed with intriguing and insightful case studies and practical advice, "Design Thinking" is a comprehensive guide to increasing productivity through cultivating creat...

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Of the Flesh
by Thomas Lockwood ~ Paperback / softback

How Far Will You Go? The zombie apocalypse is not what the world expected, or in some cases eagerly awaited. Gingers, the empty, soulless shells of raptured Christians, roam to and fro across an earth afflicted by fire, darkness, and disease, seeking whom they might devour. For almost four years, tw...

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Innovation by Design
by Thomas Lockwood ~ Paperback / softback

Why are some organizations more innovative than others? How can we tap into, empower, and leverage the natural innovation within our organizations that is so vital to our future success? Now more than ever, companies and institutions of all types and sizes are determined to create more innovative or...

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