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Shelley Taylor

With My Last Breath, I'd Say I Love You
by Shelley Taylor ~ Paperback / softback

This book of encouragement, is written as a love letter back to the Lord, praising Him for all He's brought the author through. She's the daughter of a prescription drug addict and alcoholic. Having survived a traumatic brain injury from carbon monoxide poisoning, the author leads a God-glorifying l...

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When Women Rule the World What Would Change?
by Shelley Taylor ~ Paperback

The author, Shelley Taylor, gives you a snapshot of what the world would be like when ruled by women, She challenges you to think outside the box when she asks the question, "When women rule the world, what would change?" She gives the reader a reality check by providing thirty-nine women who have s...

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Game Plan
by Hector Garcia ~ Paperback / softback

Create a uniform game plan to foster a collaborative community of learners, develop a shared focus, and meet growth goals. Examine new concepts of leadership, and learn how to effectively assemble schoolwide commitment to PLC principles. Explore coaching points and tools you can use to customize str...

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