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Penelope Leach

Your Baby and Child
by Penelope Leach ~ Paperback / softback

This is Penelope Leach's classic childcare manual - updated for 21st century parents. In the 21st century we know a child's psychological development and well-being is just as important as any physical need. Here Penelope Leach brings together key new scientific evidence about the way infants think ...

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The Essential First Year
by Penelope Leach ~ Paperback / softback

"Get the lowdown on baby development from pregnancy to newborn to 1-year-old with this comprehensive baby-care book. This parenting guide from child development expert Penelope Leach provides you with all the expert childcare advice you need to help you care for your new baby through the first year...

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When Parents Part
by Penelope Leach ~ Paperback / softback

Using the latest scientific research in child development, Penelope Leach, author of the best-selling Your Baby & Child, details the effects of divorce on children in five stages of life--infants, toddlers, primary-school children, teenagers, and young adults--some of whom are far more deeply affect...

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Putting the Children First When You Divorce
by Penelope Leach ~ Paperback / softback

Using up-to-the-minute research on child welfare and psychology, Penelope Leach, author of the best-selling Your Baby & Child, shows parents why it is crucially important to prioritise children involved in parental separation, and how this can best be done. The reader will discover - often in their...

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by Penelope Leach ~ Paperback

Leach shows, almost month by month, what your baby will do so that you can understand and anticipate your child's development and behavior. She explains what is happening to the child physically, mentally and emotionally from newborn to 2 years old."Author BiographyPenelope Leach is a leading source...

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