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Nadia Lim

by Nadia Lim ~ Hardback
(4.6) 24

I’ve created this book for vegetarians, vegans and omnivores alike. Whatever way we choose to eat, there is no doubt that eating more vegetables would do all of us good. So instead of a vegetarian cookbook, I’d more accurately describe this as a vegetable cookbook. Or, a very ‘vegful’ cookbook! One...

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Nadia Lim's Good Food Cook Book
by Nadia Lim ~ Paperback / softback
(4.7) 24

Simple, healthy and delicious food for busy people from dietitian Nadia Lim. Nadia is passionate about delicious, healthy food that is simple and easy to prepare. This is the second cookbook from the Otago University qualified dietitian, who has developed a strong reputation for creating big-flavour...

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Fresh Start Feel Good
by Nadia Lim ~ Paperback
(4.7) 6

The long-awaited follow-up to Nadia Lim's ‘A Fresh Start’ cookbook (2015) is finally here with Fresh start, feel good! Nadia brings us her trademark simple, healthy and delicious recipes wrapped up in a beautiful glossy flexibind book format. Proving that healthy eating can and should be big on fla...

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Nadia Lim's Fresh Start Cookbook
by Nadia Lim ~ Paperback / softback
(4.7) 62

Lose weight in 12 weeks by eating delicious food? It's true! Follow Nadia Lim's easy and delicious eating plan and you will lose between half a kilo and one kilo every week and feel great in just 12 weeks. And you'll keep that weight off. These healthy, nutritionally balanced, practical, easy and to...

Due Jun 14th
Let's eat!
by Nadia Lim ~ Hardback
(4.9) 9

Featuring more than 100 of Nadia Lim's favourite recipes, including everyday healthy meals and more indulgent `special occasion' dishes. You're guaranteed plenty of happy cooking and eating with the likes of Pumpkin pie pancakes, Malaysian Chicken rendang and Satay, comforting meatball and chicken b...


“Eat food from the ground, the sea and the sky – and less from the factories” – Nadia Lim

Nadia Lim is a Kiwi Chef and winner of the second season of MasterChef New Zealand. Nadia follows a cooking philosophy she calls “Nude Food” which emphasises eating natural produce that comes from the ground, sea and sky.

Nadia's best selling cookbooks celebrate this philosophy and brings together a collection of delicious, nutritious and easy to cook recipes.