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Michael Grzonka

Luther and His Times
by Michael Grzonka ~ Paperback / softback

When Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Castle Church in 1517, the hammering in Wittenberg was heard across Europe. As we commemorate this event five hundred years later, the echos are still reverberating throughout Western civilization. This brief backgrounder explains ...

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On The Good Works
by Martin Luther ~ Paperback / softback

Lutherans teach that salvation is a free, unearned gift from God, bestowed on humans if only they believe in Him. This was earth-shattering, radical news at a time, and for many it still is today! The Catholic establishment abhorred Luther's teaching of salvation without any "good works". If people ...

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On Worldly Authority - to What Extent it Should be Obeyed
by Martin Luther ~ Paperback / softback

The spiritual awakening of the German Reformation raised the bar for what Protestants expected from their rulers. With another Presidential election campaign on the way, today's believers also want to know: What is a politician's "job description"? What is a ruler or politician to do if he were him...

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