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Mark Goodacre

Goulder and the Gospels
by Mark Goodacre ~ Hardback

Goulder and the Gospels is the first comprehensive response to the radical challenge Michael Goulder has posed for New Testament scholarship. Goulder dispenses with all hypothetical sources-Q, M and L and postulates highly creative evangelists who write in the light of the liturgy. In this penetrati...

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Thomas and the Gospels
by Mark Goodacre ~ Paperback / softback

The Gospel of Thomas is the most controversial of the non-canonical gospels and the most important source outside the Gospels for our understanding of the historical Jesus and Christianity's origins. Mark Goodacre makes a detailed and compelling case that the author of The Gospel of Thomas is, after...

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The Case Against Q
by Mark Goodacre ~ Paperback / softback

The resurrection of Jesus is thoroughly explored, using extra-canonical sources to fill in the blanks. Original.Author BiographyMark Goodacre is Associate Professor in New Testament, Department of Religion, Duke University.

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God's Equal
by Sigurd Grindheim ~ Hardback

This is an examination of Jesus' claims in the gospels to be 'God's Equal' with reference to the historical Jesus and the Christology of the early church. In this book Sigurd Grindheim argues that Jesus implicitly claimed to be God's equal and that the Synoptic Gospels on the basis of these claims d...

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