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Majella Cullinane

Whisper of a Crow's Wing
by Majella Cullinane ~ Paperback / softback

Published simultaneously in Ireland by Salmon Poetry, Majella Cullinane's remarkable second collection, Whisper of a Crow's Wing, is the work of a poet with a distinct and powerful voice. These poems weigh and examine oppositions - the distance of time and place, the balance of life and death, the ...

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The Life Of De'Ath
by Majella Cullinane ~ Paperback / softback

In this accomplished first novel, the elusive narrator - no less than Mephistopheles - recounts Theodore De'Ath's life before and during the Great War. Traumatised by a family tragedy, Theodore immerses himself the Inferno, Paradise Lost and Faust and is captivated by the Underworld. The story, whi...

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