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Kenchen Palden Sherab

Tara's Enlightened Activity
by Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal ~ Paperback / softback

"The female Buddhist deity Tara is an object of devotional worship and meditative practice for Tibetan Buddhists everywhere, both male and female. She clears away fears, overpowers negative emotions, and enables all beings to reach enlightenment. She has special resonance as a source of female spiri...

Available - Usually ships in 6-8 weeks
The Dark Red Amulet
by Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal ~ Paperback / softback

"The Dark Red Amulet presents the Vajrayana practice of Vajrakilaya according to the oral transmission lineage of the great seventeenth-century treasure-revealer Tsasum Lingpa. Vajrakilaya embodies the enlightened activity of all the buddhas that subjugates delusion and negativity in order to clear ...

Available - Usually ships in 2-3 weeks