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Frederick F. Schmitt

Knowledge and Belief
by Frederick F. Schmitt ~ Hardback

Since Plato, knowledge has been taken to entail justified true belief. On this view of knowledge, Plato's question as to why knowledge is more valuable than true belief must be answered in part by explaining the value of justified belief. An attractive explanation is that justified belief is belief...

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Socializing Epistemology
by Frederick F. Schmitt ~ Paperback / softback

In this wide-ranging collection of never before published essays, distinguished scholars in the fields of philosophy and economics examine such questions as whether testimony is a basic source of knowledge, the degree to which notions of a good argument are determined by speakers and their audiences...

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Socializing Metaphysics
by Frederick F. Schmitt ~ Paperback / softback

Socializing Metaphysics supplies diverse answers to the basic questions of social metaphysics, from a broad array of voices. It will interest all philosophers and social scientists concerned with mind, action, or the foundations of social theory.Author BiographyFrederick F. Schmitt is professor of p...

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