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C.L. Werner

Witch Hunter
by C.L. Werner ~ Paperback / softback

All three novels in C L Werner's classic Mathias Thulmann trilogy - Witch Hunter, Witch Finder and Witch Killer - collected together in one complete volume. In the Old World, the dreaded witch hunters are feared above all others. Tyrannical individuals tasked with hunting out evil throughout the to...

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Myths & Revenants
by David Guymer ~ Paperback / softback

Fantastic anthology collecting together stories from the Mortal Realms of Age of Sigmar feauturing some of Black Library's best known authors. Harrowed by unending wars, few bastions of safety remain in the Age of Sigmar. Even so, the brave - or perhaps foolish - set out to plunder the shadowy corn...

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Castle of Blood
by C.L. Werner ~ Hardback

A Horror short story set in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Universe. Guests are arriving at the ancient castle of Mhurghast, summoned by the reclusive Count von Koeterberg. They expect a grand feast, and something more... The ambitious Baron expects to inherit the Count's wealth; the wife of a broken ...

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Overlords of the Iron Dragon
by C.L. Werner ~ Paperback / softback

A down-on-his luck duardin captain has a change in fortune when he finds an untapped source of aether-gold, but is the danger that awaits him worth the prize? Far above the highest mountain peaks, a new power has arisen. The duardin have developed new technology and weapons of war, and now they sai...

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