Oxford Classical Monographs

The Roman Army at War 100 BC - AD 200
by Adrian Keith Goldsworthy ~ Paperback / softback

This detailed examination of the way in which the Roman army operated during a war and how it fought a battle breaks away from existing studies, which mostly concentrate on the army in peacetime, and attempts to understand the army as an institution whose ultimate purpose was to wage war. Adrian Gol...

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Motivation and Narrative in Herodotus
by Emily Baragwanath ~ Hardback

In his extraordinary story of the defence of Greece against the Persian invasions of 490-480 BC Herodotus sought to communicate not only what happened, but also the background of thoughts and perceptions that shaped those events and became critical to their interpretation afterwards. Much as the con...

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Imperial Mines and Quarries in the Roman World
by Alfred Michael Hirt ~ Hardback

The control over marble and metal resources was of major importance to the Roman Empire. The emperor's freedmen and slaves, officers and soldiers of the Roman army, equestrian officials, as well as convicts and free labour were seconded to mines and quarries throughout Rome's vast realm. Alfred Hirt...

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Divine Qualities
by Anna J Clark ~ Hardback

This book explores an aspect of how Romans thought about themselves. Its subject is 'divine qualities': qualities like Concord, Faith, Hope, Clemency, Fortune, Freedom, Piety, and Victory, which received public cult in Rome in the Republican period. Anna Clark draws on a wide range of evidence (lite...

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Land Transport in Roman Egypt
by Colin Adams ~ Hardback

The papyri of Egypt offer a rich and complex picture of this important Roman province and provide an unparalleled insight into how a Roman province actually worked. They also afford a valuable window into ancient economic behaviour and everyday life. This study is the first systematic treatment of t...

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The Empire of the Tetrarchs
by Simon Corcoran ~ Hardback

The era of Diocletan and Constantine is a significant period for the Roman empire, with far-reaching administrative changes that established the structure of government for three hundred years - a time when the Christian church passed from persecution to imperial favour. It is also a complex period ...

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Metamorphosis in Greek Myths
by P.M.C.Forbes Irving ~ Paperback / softback

The transformation of human beings to animals, plants, and stones is one of the commonest and most characteristic themes of Greek mythology; whereas many cultures contain some such stories, in none are they so popular as in the Greek myths. Transformations are also some of the most mysterious and fa...

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Xenophon's Cyropaedia
by Deborah Levine Gera ~ Hardback

This book is a literary study of the Cyropaedia, Xenophon's fictional account of Cyrus the Great and the founding of his empire. The Cyropaedia is a complex blend of various literary forms, and this book examines several of its literary genres. General discussions of the works of Xenophon's predeces...

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From Barbarians to New Men
by Emma Dench ~ Hardback

The Central Apennine peoples, represented alternately as decadent and dangerous snake-charming barbarians or as personifications of manly wisdom and virtue, as austere and worthy "new men", were important figures in Greek and Roman ideology. Concentrating on the period between the later fourth centu...

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Roman Patrons of Greek Cities
by Claude Eilers ~ Hardback

Patronage has long been an important topic of interest to ancient historians. It remains unclear what patronage entailed, however, and how it worked. Is it a universal phenomenon embracing all, or most, relationships between unequals? Or is it an especially Roman practice? In previous discussions of...

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Pindar and the Poetics of Permanence
by Henry Spelman ~ Hardback

Departing from prevailing approaches to early Greek lyric which focus on the perspective of its original performance contexts, this volume offers the first book-length study devoted to the rhetoric and realities of literary permanence in early Greek poetry. Taking Pindar as its focus, it explores ho...

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Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Greek Religion, Judaism, and...
by Maria-Zoe Petropoulou ~ Hardback

A study of animal sacrifice within Greek paganism, Judaism, and Christianity during the period of their interaction between about 100 BC and AD 200. After a vivid account of the realities of sacrifice in the Greek East and in the Jerusalem Temple (up to AD 70), Maria-Zoe Petropoulou explores the att...

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Between Empires
by Greg Fisher ~ Paperback / softback

In Between Empires Greg Fisher tackles the problem of pre-Islamic Arab identity by examining the relationship between the Roman Empire and the Empire of Sasanian Iran, and a selection of their Arab allies and neighbours, the Jafnids, Nasrids, and Hujrids. Fisher focuses on the last century before th...

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Prayer in Greek Religion
by Simon Pulleyn ~ Hardback

In this, the first book-length study of Greek prayer to appear in English, Simon Pulleyn presents a comprehensive treatment of an aspect of religion which together with sacrifice was at the centre of Greek cult. Through a full examination of all the relevant literary and epigraphic material availabl...

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Powers of Expression, Expressions of Power
by Andrew Laird ~ Hardback

Can a speaker's words ever be faithfully reported? History, philosophy, ethnography, political theory, linguistics, and literary criticism all involve debates about discourse and representation. By drawing from Plato's theory of discourse, the lively analysis of speech presentation in this book prov...

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The Reception and Performance of Euripides' Herakles
by Kathleen Riley ~ Hardback

Euripides' Herakles, which tells the story of the hero's sudden descent into filicidal madness, is one of the least familiar and least performed plays in the Greek tragic canon. Kathleen Riley explores its reception and performance history from the fifth century BC to AD 2006. Her focus is upon chan...

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The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite
by Andrew Faulkner ~ Hardback

The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite, which tells of the seduction of the shepherd Anchises by the love-goddess Aphrodite, has long been recognized as a masterpiece of early Western literature. This edition is designed as a reference tool to aid scholars and students in their study of the poem. The introdu...

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The Hidden Chorus
by L.A. Swift ~ Hardback

The Hidden Chorus investigates the relationship between the chorus of Greek tragedy and other types of choral song in Greek society. Choruses performed on a range of occasions in Greek culture, ranging from private weddings and funerals to large-scale religious festivals, yet the relationship betwe...

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Episcopal Elections 250-600
by Peter Norton ~ Hardback

Peter Norton covers a topic of great relevance to students of early Church history and late antiquity alike. He challenges the conventional view that after the adoption of Christianity by the Roman empire the local community lost its voice in the appointment of bishops, and argues that this right re...

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Divine Talk
by Gunther Martin ~ Hardback

Gunther Martin examines the references to religion in the speeches of Demosthenes and other Athenian orators in the 4th century BC. In Part I he demonstrates the role religion plays in the rhetorical strategy of speeches in political trials: his main argument is that speakers had to be consistent in...

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Callimachus' Book of Iambi
by Arnd Kerkhecker ~ Hardback

This book offers a detailed discussion of Callimachus' collection of Iambi. The chapters on individual poems set out the evidence for the text; address questions of linguistic and antiquarian detail; attempt an interpretation of each poem as a whole; consider the arrangement of the poems, and the co...

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Jerome, Greek Scholarship, and the Hebrew Bible
by Adam Kamesar ~ Hardback

Jerome (c. 345-420) was one of the greatest Bibilical scholars of antiquity. Among his achievements was his Latin translations of the Bible 'according to the Hebrew', or iuxta Hebraeos. This translation came to constitute the major part of the Vulgate, the standard Bible of Latin Christendom. The au...

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Rome and Baetica
by A.T. Fear ~ Hardback

This book examines the development of urban units and their relationship to the adoption of Roman cultural forms in the province of Baetica (roughly modern Andalusia) in the Early Imperial period. Its starting point is a general examination of the notion of 'Romanization' followed by a discussion of...

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Singing for the Gods
by Barbara Kowalzig ~ Hardback

Singing for the Gods develops a new approach towards an old question in the study of religion - the relationship of myth and ritual. Focusing on ancient Greek religion, Barbara Kowalzig exploits the joint occurrence of myth and ritual in archaic and classical Greek song-culture. She shows how choral...

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Pindar and the Cult of Heroes
by Bruno Currie ~ Hardback

Pindar and the Cult of Heroes combines a study of Greek culture and religion (hero cult) with a literary-critical study of Pindar's epinician poetry. It looks at hero cult generally, but focuses especially on heroization in the 5th century BC. There are individual chapters on the heroization of war ...

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Warfare in Roman Europe AD 350-425
by Hugh Elton ~ Paperback / softback

Despite the importance of warfare in the collapse of the Roman Empire, there is no modern, comprehensive study available. This book discusses the practice of warfare in Europe, from both Roman and barbarian perspectives, during the late fourth and early fifth centuries. It analyses the military prac...

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Medical Latin in the Roman Empire
by D.R. Langslow ~ Hardback

Despite the ubiquitous importance of medicine in Roman literature, philosophy, and social history, the language of Latin medical texts has not been properly studied. This book presents the first systematic account of a part of this large, rich field. Concentrating on texts of `high' medicine written...

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A Commentary on Ovid's Fasti, Book 2
by Matthew Robinson ~ Hardback

The Fasti is one of Ovid's most complex, inventive, and remarkable works. In presenting the Roman calendar in poetic form, it encompasses an unusually wide range of subjects, a labyrinth of religious rites, historical events, and astronomical myths that can place significant demands on the reader. ...

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Kings and Usurpers in the Seleukid Empire
by Boris Chrubasik ~ Hardback

Kings and Usurpers in the Seleukid Empire: The Men who would be King focuses on ideas of kingship and power in the Seleukid empire, the largest of the successor states of Alexander the Great. Exploring the question of how a man becomes a king, it specifically examines the role of usurpers in this pa...

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Pax and the Politics of Peace
by Hannah Cornwell ~ Hardback

Perhaps in defiance of expectations, Roman peace (pax) was a difficult concept that resisted any straightforward definition: not merely denoting the absence or aftermath of war, it consisted of many layers and associations and formed part of a much greater discourse on the nature of power and how Ro...

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The Empire of the Tetrarchs
by Simon Corcoran ~ Paperback / softback

The era of Diocletian and Constantine is a significant period for the Roman empire, with far-reaching administrative changes that established the structure of government for three hundred years a time when the Christian church passed from persecution to imperial favour. It is also a complex period ...

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S-Stem Nouns and Adjectives in Greek and Proto-Indo-European
by Torsten Meissner ~ Hardback

This book deals with one aspect of Greek and Proto-Indo-European nominal morphology, the formation, inflection and semantics of s-stem nouns and adjectives. It uncovers the mechanisms of their creation and shows their limitation. The established view that the nouns are an unproductive category is ch...

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Late Roman Warlords
by Penny MacGeorge ~ Hardback

Late Roman Warlords reconstructs the careers of some of the men who shaped (and were shaped by) the last quarter century of the Western Empire. There is a need for a new investigation of these warlords based on primary sources and including recent historical debates and theories. The difficult sourc...

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Divinity and History
by Thomas Harrison ~ Hardback

Critics of Herodotus have generally shown an unease in the face of the religious passages of the Histories, a sense that he 'lets himself down' by delving into matters irrelevant to the proper purpose of history. They have tended consequently to latch on to isolated instances of scepticism in an att...

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Plato's Symposium
by Frisbee Sheffield ~ Hardback

Frisbee Sheffield argues that the Symposium has been unduly marginalized by philosophers. Although the topic - eros - and the setting at a symposium have seemed anomalous, she demonstrates that both are intimately related to Plato's preoccupation with the nature of the good life, with virtue, and ho...

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Economy of the Sacred in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor
by Beate Dignas ~ Hardback

This original study challenges the idea that sanctuaries in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor were fully institutionalized within the poleis that hosted them. Examining the forms of interaction between rulers, cities, and sanctuaries, the book proposes a triangular relationship in which the rulers o...

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The Dance of the Islands

Christy Constantakopoulou examines the history of the Aegean islands and changing concepts of insularity, with particular emphasis on the fifth century BC. Islands are a prominent feature of the Aegean landscape, and this inevitably created a variety of different (and sometimes contradictory) percep...

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Consoling Heliodorus
by J.H.D. Scourfield ~ Hardback

Jerome (AD c. 347-420) is best remembered as the author of the Vulgate translation of the Bible. But he was also an untiring letter-writer. Among the many letters which have survived are several written to friends who have suffered recent bereavement. In the most impressive of these, Letter 60, Jero...

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Prudentius on the Martyrs
by Anne-Marie Palmer ~ Hardback

The Latin poet Prudentius, born in Spain in the mid-fourth century AD, rose to high office in the imperial secretariat in Milan. His pride in this achievement was tempered by a powerful Christian vocation to the composition of poetry, a medium largely determined by an education in the Latin classics...

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Almsgiving in the Later Roman Empire
by Richard Finn ~ Hardback

Richard Finn OP examines the significance of almsgiving in Churches of the later empire for the identity and status of the bishops, ascetics, and lay people who undertook practices which differed in kind and context from the almsgiving practised by pagans. It reveals how the almsgiving crucial in co...

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