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Duke Nukem Forever reviews

Restricted 18. Violence, sexual themes and offensive language

Xbox 360 Developer : Gearbox Software

(164 ratings)
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14 out of 18 people found this review helpful:
Review by Logan on 12th June, 2011
1 stars "Just awful"

Fans have been waiting 12 years for DNF and have been hoping that it will be well worth it. If you fall in to this camp, you will be sorely disappointed.

The finished product feels like it was made in 2005 and even then they only spent a couple of months on it. The whole game feels dated beyond belief – the graphics are just plain ugly. Doom 3 looks better. Level design/weapon­s/soundtrack/cha­racters are all entirely forgettable, dialogue utterly sucks and not enough that it's funny but that every single line falls flat. This is the Epic Movie of games and it's shocking that they actually released something so bad.


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Review by Harrison on 21st June, 2011
1 stars "Avoid at all costs"

I was really looking forward to this game, because I grew up on Duke Nukem and when this game was announced I was so happy! But then 12 years later and we get this… this awful, buggy, dated game. I'm expecting that when I finish the campaign of this game instead of credits a message will come up saying “This was a joke and the real Duke Nukem Forever will be in-stores soon!” well at least that's what I'm hoping for, because this game is not worth the money.

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Review by Niesje on 15th February, 2012
4 stars "Negative criticism not justified."

This game is fun, true Duke fans will enjoy the old Dukeisms and the attitude of the game, familiar enemies and weapons. The bonus of some driving levels add something different.

There is a reasonably easy 1000G up for grabs in the X360 version of the game if that interests you, 1205G if you purchase The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC, and no multiplayer achievements. A couple of mini games can be a bit of a grind if you are going for achievements but these are not as bad as some other games.

At least two playthroughs are required if you are after all the gamer score as the insane difficulty doesn't unlock until one playthrough on any level is completed. There can be a couple of challenging boss fights on insane but nothing that can't be beaten with the right methods.

The multiplayer levels add some extra entertainment as long as you get good timing to find others online of course.

Overall if you are a Duke fan from way back, or you are open to Dukes quirks and attitude this game is well worth playing. Graphics and sound are pretty good, no noticable slow downs or glitches when I played.

Just a note for those installing the game on the X360 hard drive, you may need to sign out of any profiles for the install to work.

3 out of 5 people found this review helpful:
Review by Daniel on 31st May, 2012
4 stars "Doesnt deserve the bad Press"

I think this game lives up to the old Duke just fine! , yeh the graphics could be better and loading times are long but i dont know what else they couldv'e done to make make the Critics happy other than maybe a more open level design. I enjoyed this game more than i thought i would from reading the reviews, A true Duke fan will like it.

Review by Chris on 31st March, 2014
1 stars "Why did I buy this-"

Why did I buy this game- I did not enjoy it, it was not something I was hooked into, it was very cheap and worthless though so that was the only appeal. I did not have the interest to simply play this game for too long. What a pity. Perhaps some one else will find more productive use of my copy of this game at a cheap fair price. That is why I love Mightyape! If you do not like or are not happy with your purchase than just put it on the marketplace and let someone else have it for a cheaper fair nice price, nothing wrong with that, only a fool would expect too much in price from these games which are heading in the direction the dinosaurs went a couple of million years ago. Perhaps that was the last of Duke Nukem whose latest game Duke Nukem Forever literally almost took forever to be released! over 15 or so years if I'm not correct- Aw well.

Review by Jacqui on 29th November, 2013
3 stars "Can't teach an old dog new tricks"

Brought this for my husband, he's used to the old skool version so he is struggling with

Review by Che on 16th November, 2013
2 stars "Wasted Potential"

I loved Duke Nukem 3D it was a much bigger game than Duke Nukem forever. There was many coolish mini games and features that forever has they just weren't executed properly. Combat has it fun and challenging moments but weren't constant enough, i believe there is huge potential for the game engine just not the game designers. the game was filled with toilet humor and feels like a mix between crash bandicoot and a Budweiser commercial

Review by Jennifer on 16th September, 2013
1 stars "Not worth the wait"

The original Duke Nukem 3D blows this sequel out of the water. Sadly dissapointed with this game.

Review by cindy on 30th April, 2013
5 stars "Classic"

Every one loves Duke Nukem. What more can I say.

Review by Scott on 6th December, 2012
4 stars "12 years and still as good as the original!!!"

Alot of bad press on the game, ive played it and still stays true to the ORIGINAL back in the day. Graphics are a bit chunky at certain times but hell its still the DUKE i remember. Still has his same humour and is still all aboth the GIRLS!!!! Not suited for anyone under the recomended age but ill rate this game up there. If your after a good old revamp of an older game and not expecting a ultra crisp graphiced game with a outstanding story line then this is the game for you. A true NUKEM fan will put aside ANY downfals to the game and TRULY enjoy it for bing true to the old…=)

Review by Tania on 21st October, 2012
4 stars "Not a bad game"

Really for the price.

Review by Simon on 7th September, 2012
1 stars "Absolute garbage."

The graphics are bad the gameplay is clunky, the plot is pathetic and childish, nothing has changed since the last one.

Review by Daniel on 12th July, 2012
2 stars "Hmmm...."

Yeah, not as good as they said it would be. However there are moments in the game where some genius is shown, though would be nice if it was more representative of the original series.

Review by michael on 31st May, 2012
3 stars "Duke is back, like it's 2005"

So mixed bag here. If this game came out as a system launcher, it would be hailed as one of the best comebacks of all time, but since it took an extra 6 years, and the graphics and gameplay show, it's going to scare off new gamers. What it IS, is a proper follow up to Duke 3D, unfortunately it just came at a time when fps have evolved so much in terms of control and speed. There is no cover system, there are no heart stopping action sequences over large vistas, but there is silly ole duke cussing and shooting pigs and other aliens.

Honestly if aside from the vaporware stories you heard growing up, if you didn't actually grow up with Duke, as I did, then you probably won't find this much fun. On the other hand, if you know who Rodimus Prime, Serpentor, and E3M9 are, you may have a good time with this, as I have.

Review by Brett on 30th May, 2012
3 stars "Turn your' maturity off."

Duke Nukem Forever is an immature game. You should know that from the get go, if you're going to buy this game, turn your' maturity level down to a complete zero. Around every turn of this game, there's a sexual pun or dirty mini game to be had or seen, and the game even goes as far as to put a seemingly abstract strip club level midway through the game, in what seems to be Gearbox trying to give the game another opportunity to include some naked women, just for the hell of it. My only really gripe is with the 2-weapon system, this game is meant to stick to the roots of Duke Nukem, which it really didn't. If you forget the 12 year development cycle, the need for it to live up to the classics, and the fact that you should be a “grown up” 24/7, this game is really quite a blast; go into it with a blank brain, and a clear conscience, and you'll enjoy it all the more.

Review by Sam on 16th March, 2012
3 stars "Its ok"

This games good for a laugh. Just dont expect to much or a challenge. Great one liners.

Review by liam on 16th January, 2012
5 stars "Classic, all action no plot, love it"

Graphics leave abit to be desired as does the controls, but gameplay exceedes expectations.

1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
Review by Matthew on 29th June, 2011
4 stars "It is Duke Nukem What else can you say - :)"

Those that go in to this game comparing it to current popular FPS will be dissapointed. Those (like myself) who played the pioneering FPS of the 90's will find more enjoyment (and nostalgia) from this game.

Dukes sense of humor and one liners are all here as well as the babes and bad arse aliens. Weapons are standard fare for FPS Which include Pistols, Shotguns, Lasers right up to Rocket Launchers with a few of the unique weapons to the franchise. Namely the Shrink Ray and Pipe Bombs

Only two weapons can be held at one time ala Halo with Bombs and grenades as secondary weapons delegated to shoulder buttons.

Power ups include Roids for super strength, Beer for toughness, Dukes Sunglasses for night vision and the HoloDuke which as suggested makes a holographic version of Duke to throw your enemies off guard.

Graphics are standard fare. Good not great. A.I. Is simple at times with most happy run and gun. Bosses provide some challenge that don't become frustrating.

Theres a few pop references throughout the game via posters or Interaction with A.I. One particular one that I got a good laugh from was the chance to knock out a Christian Bale Terminator meltdown type actor to which Duke replies Man that guy was a douche XD.

Easy to recommend this game. Just switch your mind off and enjoy the ride for what it is, don't compare it to any other FPS and you may just lose yourself to it.


3 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
Review by Marc on 24th June, 2011
5 stars "Ignore negative criticism please, give it a chance!"

Although graphics are not amazing this is a game i had a blast playing and the achievements/mul­tiplayer keep me coming back for more. It is quite funny at times and there were numerous occasions where i laughed out loud. Playing as a pint size Duke is a laugh and overall blasting aliens is mindless fun. I know multiplayer will keep me playing for the months leading up to October/November (Triple A games months) and i recommend this to people who just want a mindless and non-serious game to keep them entertained. A must buy for fans of the Duke!!!

1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
Review by Paul on 23rd June, 2011
4 stars "Simple Nostalgia, Simple Fun - Not for Serious People"

I think Duke has recieved bad press, because it he's an easy target. The expectation that this 12 years in-the-making game will revolutionize gaming are completely farfetched and unwarranted.

This a game from the late 90's, not the 21st century, and as such the finished product is exactly that. The game doesn't try to be a COD or Battlefield replica, it try's to be the exact opposite – realistic vs rediculous.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Duke journey and this game was a chance to revisit my past (and gamings past). The graphics are subpar, the gaming is uninventive and uncomplicated but these are to the credit of the game.

If you've played UT or Doom, you'll feel right at home, adopting the constant strafing and jumping manouvers. Again, this isn't COD, it's Duke – shoot everything and dodge everything.

The game is fairly hard, but can be played through in 12 hours (max) and all the achievements unlocked in 20 hours, so very short. You should play this game, but at a lower price ($60 would be my ceiling) or rent it.

0 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by anthony on 13th May, 2012
5 stars "Great game"

Best duke nukem ever

1 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
Review by Rich on 13th October, 2011
4 stars "Solid, but flawed."

While it is perhaps true that DNF is not what one would expect after its long gestation period in development hell, it does in many ways succeed in its goal of delivering the giddy thrills of the pioneer days of first person shooters. Comparative newcomers to gaming fed on a steady diet of Call of Duty titles may find Duke abhorrent, those who yearn for a less serious take on the FPS genre will find a lot to like in this title.
If I were going to try and use an analogy to describe DNF it would be to liken it to a so called spoof movie such as ‘The naked gun’ or ‘hot shots’ – a light hearted browse through the cliche of the genre.
Just like pickled onions, Duke will not be to everybody's tastes, but those that do ‘get’ it will be rewarded with an enjoyable experience. 3.5/5

13 out of 22 people found this preview helpful:
Preview by Bobby on 27th October, 2010
"12 Years too long!"

Oh how I have grown since the great Duke Nukem 3D, 12 years have passed and I am excited. Judging from what I have seen from the videos, the Duke Nukem franchise has stayed true to its old self. It looks gruesome, it looks brutal, it looks oddly familiar with a twist of HighDef and its still full to the brim with vulgar cut scenes topped off with extra profanity. Bring it on!!

1 out of 3 people found this preview helpful:
Preview by Tom on 9th June, 2011
4 stars "Cool and Qwerky."

Came a bit late but at least it is better than never. More for the older audiences but if you like aliens, and women… This is for you!!!

4 out of 9 people found this preview helpful:
Preview by Kevin on 16th March, 2011
5 stars "Big-name shooters of the last decade"

Duke Nukem Forever the guns, the girls the gore.
Can`t wait.