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Darksiders II reviews

Restricted 16. Contains violence and horror

Xbox 360 Developer : Vigil Games

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Customer reviews

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Review by Carl on 23rd September, 2012
4 stars "Pretty good but freezes a lot"

Its worth buying it but the game randomly freezes after a long period of time, this is caused by the game itself even if the disc is new and installed on your 360. Overall its a good game the freezing thing is not that bad.

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Review by Craig on 24th September, 2012
4 stars "Become Death!"

There has been huge improvements to this game since Darksiders, The Story line is still above any other game on the market as you play as Death – The most feared of the legendary Horseman as you go to heaven and hell and beyond to redeem your brother War for his Crimes of starting the apocalypse. The gameplay is fast-paced because now you can roll out of incoming attacks unlike in Darksiders where your only defense was ‘Blocking’ Which had little to no effect. They only thing that was a let down for me was the Camera Angles. Which made it impossible to see who was attacking you which became extremely annoying during boss battles. Overall, this game is worth checking out. You won't finish it in a day like most Call of Duty's, and you will want to replay the story.

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Review by peter on 22nd January, 2013
"Great game will worth the price"

Great new world and NPC better than the first game

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Review by James on 5th June, 2013
4 stars "Very good game."

A very good game, great sequel to the first,(preferred NO1 personally). The main problem for me was there was no double jump, otherwise not much else. Overall ties in well with 1.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Emma on 1st July, 2013
5 stars "Highly Enjoyable!"

I found this game to be highly enjoyable, not too easy but just challenging enough. I found it to be similar to Tomb Raider, a great mix of adventure and exploring so it is now one of my favourite games. I recommend it, especially for the decent price.

Review by Dawn on 23rd March, 2014
4 stars "Pleasantly Surprised"

I bought this game for the price… It was cheap. I thought ‘Why not-’..... Despite my memories of the first Darksiders game being sub-par, I committed to giving this one a shot, and was pleasantly surprised. Beautiful, full scenery. Decent storyline, interesting characters and nifty upgrade system that allows you to collect weapons, armour etc… to use at a later time or you can equip instantly by holding one button. I was disappointed by the fact my Argul's Tomb download code expired 2 years before I purchased the game. So dont let that factor sway your decision to buy.

Review by Fay on 20th August, 2013
3 stars "Not for noobs"

Being inexperienced with these types of games meant that the gameplay and combat was difficult to get used to and I'd get stuck on bosses. My friend who also has this game says that it takes forever to complete (he knows what he's talking about).
The lowest difficulty isn't very easy. But I'm sure it's a good game for people who have the time and patience.