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Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine for Xbox 360
Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine
Due Sep 5th
Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine for Xbox 360 + Duke Nukem Forever for Xbox 360

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6.62% of people buy Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine and Duke Nukem Forever ~ Xbox 360.

Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine

Xbox 360 Developer : Relic Entertainment

(128 ratings)
Restricted 16. Contains Violence
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Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine for Xbox 360 + Duke Nukem Forever for Xbox 360
List price: $49.98
Buy together: $49.48 (save 1%)

6.62% of people buy Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine and Duke Nukem Forever ~ Xbox 360.

Customer reviews

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4 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
Review by Dom on 21st September, 2011
3 stars "Good."

Space marine 40k is a good game, but not great, there are problems with it that could be fixed, for next time.

Firstly: the multiplayer system is at the moment quite bad, they may improve this later on but right now it is hot so hot, finding a game is easy but finding a playable game is very hard. Every game I have joined has been only 1 bar of connection, which sucks! it makes it that much harder, its not unplayable, you can still have fun, but dont expect to be doing very well in terms of score.

Secondly: the game can get a little dull at times because most of the enemies are the same and it can get very repetitive, slashin your way through 100's of enemies is fun, but gets old very fast.

There are positives though, the graphics and sounds are great and the customizer is amazing with over 1.8 billion armor customization combinations also it is very gory :D and the executions look really cool, the multiplayer is very fun, but without good connection really disappoints.

Overall this game is quite similar to gears of war:
And since they release very close, if your trying to choose between the two, go for gears of war 3, its just more polished, theres more to do and more diversity, plus more EPIC. But do give this game a try, it is a great game that could become amazing with more polish.

Btw I love mighty ape :)

2 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
Review by Cody on 23rd September, 2011
5 stars "Warhammer FTW"

Great all rounder game if you know the 40k lore you will eat this game up. Second This is not Gears of War rip off!!

3 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
Review by Richard on 25th September, 2011
4 stars "The Surprise of 2011"

To be honest, I didn't expect much from this game – lacklustre title probably doesn't help. It's fair to say that the game is anything but lacklustre – it's clear that the makers of Space Marine are fans of the fiction and have poured detail and art into every nook of the game.

The fiction shines thought – from the 40k Marines being giant hulking humans, through to the Orks and Chaos – it's all there, and I can't find fault with any of the represented story.

All that aside, what this game has in spades is FUN. You feel huge – space marine, power armour, melee and ranged weapons. The combat is something just a bit different from anything else, with a sort of mix between ranged and melee. You can't really play it as a straight shooter as there's too many dudes who'll swarm you, and neither is it a pure melee game. It's something in the middle, a ranged brawler of sorts, and it's visceral in how it comes together.

Some of the battles in this game can be frustrating however – the use of check points is imperfect, and the final boss fight in particular may induce moments of controller-breaking rage. If you're prone to frustration, this might not be for you – and it's for this reason alone it doesn't get a five star rating.

If you like games like Gears of War, you'll probably like this. They're not 100% similar, but there's big dudes and lots of blood. It's a ride :)

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
Review by Jeremy on 24th November, 2011
4 stars "A must for any 40K fan. Fantastic graphics, excellent detail"

A must for any 40K fan. Fantastic graphics, excellent detail in the characters. Plenty of blood and gore. A good variety of weapons to choose from.

Voicing from the characters seems a bit awkward at times. Game can seem a bit linear at times.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Craig on 3rd May, 2012
5 stars "Very Fun!!"

This game is very fun and a good change from the crowd. I played multiplayer first and always found a match. Multiplayer is fun and gets very challenging near the end of waves versing the AI. The campaign is fun but very linear, although this isn't a problem. There are a lot of added features which keep the game interesting. This game is very fun and I highly recommend to Warhammer 40K fans, aswell as non-Warhammer fans. I give it a 8/10 but higher at Mighty Apes cheap price!



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September 9th, 2011
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Become an unstoppable one-man army in Relic's 3rd person action/shooter. Space Marine is a fast-paced third person action-shooter from Relic Games allowing players to don the armor of one of the emperor's chosen in a battle for the very survival of humanity.


  • 3rd Person Action Shooter – Space Marine takes the traditional 3rd person shooter genre and adds a new depth of visceral melee combat to deliver an experience like no other.
  • Experience life as a Space Marine – Players get the unique experience of life as one of the emperor's chosen, the unstoppable Space Marines.
  • Devastating weaponry – Players will get to unleash an arsenal of devastating weaponry against their foes.

Review by IGN

"Developer Relic Entertainment does the 40k franchise justice, telling a great Warhammer story that's enjoyable whether or not you're familiar with the world. Disappointing games like Warhammer 40k: Fire Warrior taught me to expect the worst, but Space Marine is a satisfyingly violent shooter/hack-n-slash combo. If it didn't have a number of polish issues and some problematic pacing it'd be even better, but is still a good start for the Space Marine series and a nice treat for Warhammer fans…' 7.5/10

7.0 Presentation
Space Marine has a good story, though the cut-scenes occur a little too regularly.
8.0 Graphics
Space Marine is a pleasure to look at, nailing the aesthetics of the Warhammer 40k universe.
7.5 Sound
The voice acting, sound effects and music add a lot to the atmosphere. If you’re a 40k fan, you’ll find all the cheesy acting that you’d expect.
7.5 Gameplay
The cut-scenes sometimes break up the pacing and there are some regular polish issues, but both the single and multiplayer games are a lot of fun.
8.0 Lasting Appeal
The single player campaign might have limited appeal after it’s done, but the multiplayer has enough content to suck you in for many additional hours.
(out of 10)


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