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Rage PS3 reviews

- Rage Anarchy Edition
Restricted 16. Contains violence and offensive language.

PS3 Developer : id Software

(220 ratings)

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Customer reviews

8 out of 11 people found this review helpful:
Review by Allan on 9th October, 2011
3 stars "Fantastic"

~ EDIT ~

RAGE started off as a fantastic game, I found the controls easy to learn and the story mildly interesting. It's graphics on the PS3 are fantastic but lackluster compared to the PC.
I didn't think much how the game ended and in fact I would go as far as saying the ending really let the entire game down. Originally I had this game at 5/5 stars now I've changed it to 3/5 stars because of what I just stated.

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Review by Calum on 19th October, 2011
3 stars "Beautiful, but lacking"

Much hyped, but failed to deliver in the end. The graphics on the the PS3 are beautiful, but there is a definite lag with the textures.

Despite being supposedly open world, the game is still very linear without much scope for variation.

It borrows elements from Borderlands & Fallout, but both of these games provide so much more gameplay themselves. Rage's multiplayer is surprisingly vehicle-based only, given id's Doom background and FPS brilliance.
The campaign is short-medium in length, but the ere is no replay value, with only one ending and one character to use. Even the weapons get stale after a while, as there is no real customisation options at all, and only a small arsenal (compared with either of the aforementioned better games).

Rage is a beautiful game visually, but does not tick enough of the boxes for me.

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Review by nick on 28th March, 2012
5 stars "awesome graphics, rewarding gameplay"

amazing to look at despite texture pop in. nice split screen and great feeling to the combat as you would expect from an ID game. well worth a look. Multiplayer is an aquired taste but fun nevertheless!

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Review by Cameron on 27th August, 2012
3 stars "Very Borderlands/ Fallout 3..."

It’s very Borderlands and Fallout 3, and even though RAGE has been in development for longer than both those two games have been available, you’ll recognize the underpinnings. Luckily, despite the fact that the single player campaign rarely evolves much beyond, “Drive to location, kill everything, return to base,” RAGE does manage to reproduce, again and again, some really fun battle situations. The game almost always makes you feel powerful, capable and in possession of overwhelming firepower, and the longer the campaign progresses, the more exciting it becomes. Though… the story is razor thin. The AI, though interesting to watch, quickly becomes predictable. The minigames, racing and driving are fairly minor diversions. The world isn’t really meant for you to explore. And in the end, it’s not a place you’ll need to live in: a visit is more than enough.

Review by Laurence on 27th January, 2014
3 stars "Fun first person shooter/driving game"

While this is an interesting and fun game it does get a little bit tedious at times and while the driving sections can be fun they seem more of a reason just to get from A to B. Good selection of weapons and utilities as well as different types of enemies. As for the Anarchy Edition the sewers add on level is short and split into four different small levels and as for the extra's, the only item I used out of all these was the Armor as the normal dune buggy was a better vehicle, the shotgun chewed too much ammo and was too slow to load and it was better to use a weapon rather than take on the enemy hand to hand. In the end, it is still a fun game and if you like to complete and collect everything will keep you busy for about 24 hours.

Review by Carl on 20th December, 2013
5 stars "Awesome game"

Found it much more enjoyable than Borderlands 2 though the AI was predicable at times

Review by tecassa on 2nd December, 2013
4 stars "Goosebumbs"

Great story line and amazing graphics made this game come to life.

Review by Gavin on 1st November, 2013
5 stars "Awesome graphics"

Interesting plot,engaging characters and easy to pick up the control pattern.Would have given 5 stars but knowing how it ends and leaves you feeling,sadly it can only get 4.Yet in saying that the game does not loose anything in entertainment va­lue.

Review by Wiremu on 25th March, 2013
5 stars "Great game"

The game graphics are awesome and easy to play, with the multiplayer it certainly adds more action when your trying to out do the kids

Review by Carl on 8th July, 2012
4 stars "The game play."

It's a great game to play But the end of the game was a disappment.

Review by chantelle on 7th July, 2012
5 stars "Happy hubby"

This is one of his fav games

Review by wade on 25th June, 2012
5 stars "So much to do!"

Amazing graphics smooth many different kinds of missions to complete to earn money.well worth buying.

Review by Benjamin on 16th June, 2012
4 stars "Linear but charming"

This game is very much borderlands non-cellshaded, but that's not bad, decent guns, mutants to be beheaded by wingsticks and zooming about in a buggy is stocktrade in this fps but with a falloutesque atmosphere and plenty to destroy it's my cup of tea just be prepared to travel light, except for many guns

Review by Blair on 12th June, 2012
4 stars "Great game"

One of the best gun games I have played, lots to do on the game. Plus you can play 2 player co-op which is fun.

Review by Tom on 26th November, 2011
4 stars "Great Game!"

This game beats all others. Pretty scary though. I like how it combines racing with shooting. Very good buy. Definitely go for it.

Review by Simon on 22nd November, 2011
4 stars "Rage"

Well the titles say it all a high pace game full of non stop action a true Id Software game come on let you rage run wild..... You know you want too

Review by Nick on 19th October, 2011
"Amazing, stunning "

Such an amazing game, with super smooth gameplay, and the ground breaking Graphics, The story line is epic and full of fun, the side missions are always fun, The racing added the extra effect, over all, Great game, great fun,. 9/10

Review by Richard on 19th October, 2011
4 stars "A Fantastic Game"

I really enjoyed this game, easy controls, awsome graphics, the ending was a little dissapointing but still well worth playing, easier than fallout 3

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Review by Adam on 14th October, 2011
5 stars "Mind blowing Graphics"

Rage was an amazing game easy to get the hang off and also great interaction during the game play unlike most games.
The graphics were amazing which made the game that little bit more addictive.Fun to watch or play and a lot more detail in the game which makes this game a lot more enjoyable and definitely defines where video games are heading.

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Review by Keith on 14th May, 2012
3 stars "Great but not perfect"

Great game in every sence except the story, its good but not great, car combat is soo much fun, bit too easy on the hardest mode but thats just me, you should buy this game

1 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
Review by Caleb on 9th May, 2012
2 stars "Disappointing"

This game was a disappointment for me, I was expecting something more engaging and exciting from Bethesda (They made Fallout 3, Fallout NV and the Oblivion titles, which were awesome games).
Gameplay quickly becomes boring, you spend the whole game shooting the same bandits or mutants. You will be sent into similar looking environments for each mission, and have to kill the inhabitants to achieve whatever you went there for.
To get from A to B you drive buggys through the Wasteland, along the way some bandits in buggys will pop out of nowhere, after awhile it gets annoying constantly having to shoot exactly the same thing.
It is a takeoff of the Fallout games, and poorly done takeoff.
The only good thing that I found was that each bullet impact has an effect on the enemy, for example, a bullet from a pistol will stagger a bandit, or a blast from the shotgun will cause them to fall over if they are running at you.

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Review by Te Tuhi on 6th April, 2012
4 stars "My first PS3 purchase"

This is my first PS3 game and I have to say this game is awesome.

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Review by Melody on 14th March, 2012
5 stars "Graphics the highlight"

Pretty good game, amazing graphics!

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Review by aaron on 28th February, 2012
5 stars "Awsome "

Awsome game that is a bit of gran theft auto mixed with twisted metal and a first person shooter . Very well done .

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Review by Daniel on 23rd January, 2012
5 stars "One of the best games I have played"

This game is one of the best games I have ever played.
This is a must buy because there is so much to do.

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Review by mark on 23rd December, 2011
5 stars "Bloody awesome"

Ever played borderlands,this is just like that and this 1 is the way u kill and the blood splatters on the screen.definitly 9 out of 10 cept the downloads dont wrk properly

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Review by Cameron on 22nd December, 2011
4 stars "Great game"

I am very happy

8 out of 14 people found this preview helpful:
Preview by Balfour on 14th August, 2011
5 stars "Open world action"

From what I've seen in gameplay and developer diaries this game has all the good bits from other open world games like fallout and borderlands combined with awesome graphics and epic gameplay to bring the next level of gaming.

2 out of 8 people found this preview helpful:
Preview by Jordan on 21st June, 2011
4 stars "Cool as"

If you like sand box games like borderlands then add to shopping cart

1 out of 12 people found this preview helpful:
Preview by Dean on 30th May, 2011
"Looks good"

Looks good