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Oh No... Zombies! Board Game reviews


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2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
Review by Andrew on 9th December, 2011
4 stars "Zombies vs Shovels and Shotguns"

Very simple game to play. The game is quick and enjoyable and can get quite intense when all the other players are zombies and you are using every shovel and shotgun on hand to survive!

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Dave on 22nd March, 2012
2 stars "Bit disappointing but ok"

Game was fairly short and easy to play but some of the parts (especially the weapon cards) were fairly flimsy and quick to show signs of wear and tear. Think this is one that will likely sit on the games shelf and not be played much but it wasn't too expensive so probably got my money's worth.

Check out “Zombies!!!” on here for a far superior game in a similar vein.

Review by Tamara on 5th February, 2014
4 stars "Good fun for zombie-obsessed boys"

This game has rather complicated instructions but is simpler than it at first. It is fun, difficult to predict, and can be played from start to finish in less than 45min. Good buy.

Review by Paul on 3rd January, 2012
5 stars "Good family fun"

Very simple game to play

Review by Lisa on 2nd January, 2012
5 stars "Great game for all ages"

This game is fast paced so keeps kids interested It also has an element of strategy to it as well.