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The Biggest Loser reviews

Suitable for general audiences.

Nintendo DS Developer : Nintendo


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Review by Dominique on 21st July, 2012
3 stars "Not bad!"

My mother enjoyed using this! The selection of food was pretty comprehensive compared to other games of it's kind, and my mother was very enthusiastic about making sure she weighed in every day and counted her calories. Although this is american, the exercises and food are universal.

Review by Nicholas on 2nd June, 2012
4 stars "Great motivator"

Been wanting to loose a few kg, this is a great set up and has plenty of info. Good for recipes calculators and workouts.

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Review by Fleur on 24th December, 2011
3 stars "Useful training - recipes not great"

I liked the training schedule in this game, it keeps you on track, has easy to follow instructions, good motivator.
But because it is the American version the recipes are not the best around!
I purchased this on sale for not much money so it turned out to be great value, I wouldn't pay full price for it!

Review by Robyn on 4th November, 2011
5 stars "Great motivation to lose weight."

I found this great to keep me motivated. You can make up your own exercise routines from theirs and it gives you the calories you burn off which I found helpful.

Review by Susan on 27th June, 2011
4 stars "Good fun"

Simple to follow programme and as it is on the DS you don't have to use the tv to do the exercise programmed.

Review by Lesley on 7th March, 2011
4 stars "Fitness and healthy eating made easy!"

This game makes fitness and healthy eating easy and enjoyable. It has pre-programmed fitness routines and healthy reciepes to help you lose weight the healthy way. With added competition aspects (like weekly weigh ins) you can relive the show on your own DS.

Review by Mel on 31st December, 2010
5 stars "Exercise on the go"

I had this on the Nintendo Wii, it's great. Workouts are tough as they should be. Good to have a pocket size fitness trainer whenever you need one.