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NBA 2K11 for PS3
NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11

PS3 Developer : Visual Concepts

Suitable for general audiences.
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Review by Todd on 11th October, 2010
5 stars "The definitive basketball experience"

This is, without a word of doubt, the BEST EVER basketball game i've played.
It's so appropriate to have Michael Jordan on the cover.
What he is for basketball, is what 2K11 is for gamers.
Get this, and you will experience the most authentic, exciting, game of hoops to ever grace a platform.

With features such as the ten Jordan Challenges, My Player Mode, an in-depth Assocation Mode, plus more, you'll be pushed for time to get the most out of this.

The new Isomotion controls provide the most accurate playing experience yet. It takes some getting use to, but once you do, you'll be pulling off ankle breaking sequences of play that leave your defender scratching at dust as you take off numerous signature dunks and shots.
Thankfully there is a practise mode which guides you through all the moves available, so you can spend plenty of time learning everything, and exploring all the signature moves available for all your favourite pros

Another thing I was impressed with is how fine tuned you can altar the game style, the sliders really do effect how the game is played.
You can set it up to play fifteen minute quarters, and the outcome and stats will closely resemble what an actual NBA game would.
Or, if you prefer, you can turn things down, and your game can be filled with highlight reel dunks and huge threes from downtown. It's all catered for here.

This really is the definitive basketball experience, and with the new historic teams, somewhat of a history lesson for the younger NBA fans who weren't lucky enough to graced with the likes of Jordan, Bird, and Magic

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Review by Calvin on 18th October, 2010
5 stars "Best basketball game "

This is by far one of the best basketball games I have ever played not to mention Michael Jordan featured in the game it makes it much better. Any fan of the genre will need to get their hands on this game. The move function is really cool in this game and the Jordan challenges are really great. One of the most realistic basketball games I have come across.

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Review by Brian on 21st October, 2010
5 stars "Best work 2k Sports has done"

NBA 2K11 has lived up to all the hype or such that it has promised. With much smarter A.I play, an improved My Player mode and being able to play as Jordan through his achievements and seeing all the classic teams is something that makes the game a much larger step above 2K10 than expected. The game play is just as smooth and also improved with a lot of the on court moves being much more logical and fun to pull off. Also, continuing improvement with player signature moves and forms are nice to see.
Definitely the best NBA 2K game to be delivered from a stunning franchise

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Review by Hisatomo on 3rd November, 2010
5 stars "Best Basketball Game to Date"

If you're a basketball fan and an avid gamer, then this is the game you want.

There is so many game modes that just makes you keep playing for more.

My favourite has to be the My Player mode and the dunk contest. My Player mode has a lot of replay value (with different positions) and the drafts at the start has you wanting to know where you'd end up.

The dunk contest is awesome too. Easy controls but massive dunks and has potential. It's hard to get used to the timing of everything but once you got it, you wont stop playing it!

And best of all, his Airness is in the game! Relive his historic moments. I admit they are hard but Jordan did it in real life, it's easily possible in the game!

So if you are wanting a great Basketball game that'll keep you coming back for more, then this is the game for you!

Buy it now!

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
Review by Garnel on 19th November, 2010
"Great game"

This is nothing like what has been brought out before.. The controls are so fluid and feels so real, it's not NOOB friendly but once you get the hang of 2k11 or any 2k series you know how to handle each player..

I have to say that this game is by far the best to ever release for 2K series..



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October 8th, 2010
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NBA 2K11 is the best way to plug into NBA culture. It's the most fun, authentic NBA videogame experience and is for any sports fan with that competitive fire who wants to play the best NBA simulation on the market.

“…the most realistic NBA game yet.” 8/10 – Gamespot
“… isn't just the best basketball game ever; it's the best sports game of this generation.” 9.5/10 – IGN

It's the NBA series that everyone is playing – from the most elite NBA athletes and superstars to the local court gym rats. NBA 2K10 delivered on its promise to TAKE OVER, and NBA 2K11 will on build on that momentum by dialing up all of its features – gameplay, AI, presentation, visuals, audio, online and more – to deliver the best basketball videogame experience EVER.

Review by IGN

NBA 2K11 is a love letter to basketball fans. If you don't follow hoops, a lot of the subtleties will be lost on you. And if you are looking for a loose, fun, crazy dunkfest experience like NBA Jam, you're going to get hosed. But if you are serious about basketball, this will fill a long-standing void in your hoops-loving heart. This is the NBA. No one else has come close to representing it in such great and accurate detail as this.

Honestly, the stuff with Michael Jordan is reason enough to pick up NBA 2K11. The fact that 2K Sports did so much more with this game and improved it so greatly over last year's title is stunning. This isn't just the best basketball game ever; it's the best sports game of this generation.

10 Presentation
Unparalleled recreation of the NBA. The Jordan Challenges bring historic moments to life with incredible detail. Pure awesome.
8.5 Graphics
Great animations, it runs smoothly in every mode, and many of the player faces look solid. A definite ding for botching Kobe and a few other stars.
9.0 Sound
The custom commentary for the Jordan games is fantastic. Even regular season games are solid, though there's some repetitive dialogue. The soundtrack is sweet.
9.0 Gameplay
Just about nailed it perfectly. A few bugs and AI blips, plus an overly aggressive defense are the only issues.
10 Lasting Appeal
The Jordan stuff could be a game in itself. Then you get an awesome franchise mode, the slow, but rewarding My Player mode and solid online play.
(out of 10)

Review by Gamespot

“…Just about every facet has been improved or overhauled, which makes this a richly rewarding experience with enough depth to make even diehard NBA fans feel like rookies. It's easy to lose dozens of hours improving your game in practice, working your way through the ranks in My Player mode, or creating a dynasty in franchise play. It's a shame there are still some hiccups that prevent this from truly soaring, and the online inconsistencies are downright crushing when you want to show off your skills to the world. But the core mechanics are so well realized and the presentation so lifelike that it's hard to keep away once you get sucked into the tantalizing ebb and flow of an NBA game. NBA 2K11 is a great realization of the sport that makes the hard work it takes to succeed well worth the commitment.” 8/10


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