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Dragon's Dogma for PS3
Dragon's Dogma
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Dragon's Dogma for PS3 + Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for PS3

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Dragon's Dogma

PS3 Developer : Capcom

(142 ratings)
Mature Audience. Violence and horror
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Buy together and save even more

Dragon's Dogma for PS3 + Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for PS3
List price: $69.98
Buy together: $68.73 (save 2%)

5.1% of people buy Dragon's Dogma and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning ~ PS3.

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4 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
Review by Liam on 1st August, 2012
5 stars "Pure awesomeness!"

I only heard about this game shortly before it was released, and though the demo was pretty nice, I wondered about it. Watched the OXM intro videos and was hooked. Already I've clocked about 40 hours into the game, mostly by running around and leveling up my skills and enjoying the expansive land. The story is interesting :)

I simply cannot put it down – this game is definitely in my top 5 games I've ever played in my life. If you have any interest in RPG's, you owe it to yourself to play this game.

I must admit this game is rather hard at times. The game does not give you a level guide, so you might be fighting off several packs of wolves doing well, and then your pawn companions will warn you that there are armed rogues around and to ‘be careful’. Next minute your in the middle of fight with more guys than you can handle and you die.

Save often, and take care when wandering around, this game is truly epic in scale, sense of adventure, combat and lighting. Spells dazzle and sizzle, enemies re-act when struck by fire, lighting, or when attacked at the knees. The day/night system is amazing as well – time passes quickly in the world of Gransys, and what set off as a morning expedition over that hill to help an NPC, soon becomes a desperate struggle in the night with zombies rising from the ground, and your lantern giving off feeble light.

Even after 40 hours of gameplay, getting back to town and resting and saving gives me a sigh of relief. I once played this game for about 6 hours straight, hooked entirely to leveling my character, aquiring loot from around the place -looking in dark tunnels, mining and gathering, ensuring my companions are healthy and help me carry heavy loot from monsters, and finding and upgrading my weapons and armour.

This game is passively online. You custom make your own character and your permanent companion, who you can level up, customize, and tweak to your liking. Then you can share your companion online with anyone. A copy of this companion goes into someone elses world and learns about enemies and quests they finish. They will eventually choose a different companion (as they don't level up in the other person's world, only yours) and the knowledge they have gained and items they receive will be updated to your companion when you rest at an inn. It's complex, but massively awesome.

You want to be a small wizard girl and have a big hulking warrior elf as your sidekick- (like me :P) Sure! Want to be a wizened old hermit who is an assassin, with your sidekick healing the party- Go for it.

This game is about freedom. It's about making choices and decisions tactically in battle, with a deep and rewarding system for leveling up a class (ranger or mystic knight for eg) and getting nice perks, then changing your class and transfer some of these perks over.

I simply cannot stress this enough. Some people who want to play online shooters or heavy action games may not have the patience for this, but anyone with a liking for tolkien-style artwork, fast and strategic combat, a deep and interesting companion/skill/job system and graphical effects which make the world seem very tangible, THIS GAME IS FOR YOU!!

Also for anyone who has this game on PS3, search for Fenberry :)

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
Review by josh on 1st May, 2013
1 stars "Capcom ripping you off, Buy the Dark Arisen version"

Don't buy this, buy the Dark Arisen version… Capcom is trying to steal your money again (rereleasing slightly different version of the game)…
But, a very good game, on par with Skyrim, Dark Souls.

Review by Joshua on 12th August, 2013
5 stars "Awesome game!!"

As a fan of 3rd person games such as these I was very impressed with this game especially when you can climb up huge trolls and start bashing his head :-D

Great price and mega fast delivery like always

Thanks guys!!!

Review by Domenic on 20th April, 2013
5 stars "Love it"

I love this game thank you so much.

Review by Brian on 1st February, 2013
5 stars "Very pleased, thank you."

Exactly as stated, brand new!



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May 25th, 2012
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From the team that produced some of Capcom’s greatest action games and set in a huge open world, Dragon’s Dogma offers an exhilarating and fulfilling action combat game with the freedom to explore and interact in a rich, living and breathing world.

“…destined to be remembered by anyone who plays it” 8/10 Gamespot
“…truly implores you to give it the proper respect rather than brashly dive into the unknown and expect to emerge unblemished” 88/100 Cheat Code Central
“…a thoroughly entertaining adventure”

Alongside your party of three, you set out to track down and destroy a mysterious dragon. Your teammates fight independently of you, demonstrating prowess and ability they have developed based on traits learned over time from you and your actions. Dragon’s Dogma offers a near endless opportunity to help develop partner characters to fight alongside you…

Highly Stylized Action Combat – The creators of this game were responsible for the action hits – Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 4.
Fight With Ability –The soul of combat comes down to how the game is played, where you strike the enemy, and how you react to their attacks
Accessible Depth – Bringing an unprecedented level of depth to the action genre, every decision has an effect on gameplay in an intuitive way that does not require micromanagement. The weight of your weapon, the material of your armor – even the length of your legs – plays a role in how you fight your battles, but does not interrupt the flow of the action.
Epic Adventure – Dragon’s Dogma is built from the ground up as an action experience for consoles with a continuous, epic storyline that stands alone in style, scope and substance.
Open World – Utilizing Capcom’s propri­etary MT Framework engine and the groundbreaking graphical styles and lighting effects used in Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2, Dragon’s Dogma expands the environment to create a vast, richly detailed world, ripe for exploration.
A Rich Population – In addition to interacting with hundreds of fully voiced NPCs, you’ll be able to fight a large variety of creatures, from goblins to griffins and dragons. Each enemy requires a different strategy and provides a unique experience.


“The world is one of the first I've seen that truly implores you to give it the proper respect rather than brashly dive into the unknown and expect to emerge unblemished. The story and characters may not drive you to a sublime world of fiction, but the action more than makes up for it, with character and equipment customization that will keep you tweaking and enjoying yourself the entire time.” 88/100 Cheat Code Central

“There are areas for improvement, most notably on the storytelling front, but Capcom has produced a thoroughly entertaining adventure with widespread charm.” 8/10 RPGamer

“a flawed and unique gem…destined to be remembered by anyone who plays it. Dragon's Dogma takes chances, and it's that riskiness that makes this role-playing game so unique among its peers…Dragon's Dog­ma will remain with you, frustrations and victories alike, when your memories of other games have long since faded.” 8/10 Gamespot


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