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Thor reviews

Mature Audience. Contains violence

DVD (2011) Region 4 Director : Kenneth Branagh Country of Production : USA

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Customer reviews

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Review by Karl on 21st April, 2012
4 stars "Not as bad as I first Thort"

I'd never really been much of a fan of Thor so I only watched the film initially because I was on a 12 hour flight – that and the fact that Thor returns in the much anticipated Avengers Assemble film. So I had quite low expectations, and these were easily exceeded. It's an interesting plot and well directed; I'm not really sure I buy into Natalie Portman's character but that's hardly unusual. Certainly worth a look, even if only to lay the foundations for the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

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Review by Sarah on 2nd May, 2012
4 stars "Absolutely brilliant"

Consistently acted to a level beyond what I expected, this movie lays a lot of the ground work for The Avengers while still pulling off a story of its own.
The romance felt a little contrived to me, but doesn't take over the whole movie so is easy to ignore.

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Review by Martha on 19th June, 2012
4 stars "Loki steals the show."

While Chris Hemsworth is the buff poster child, it is Tom Hiddleston's subtle and entertaining portrayal of Loki which makes this movie. Loki's large role in the Avengers makes this movie worth watching. And then rewind and watch all the Loki bits again.

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Review by Nirat on 23rd August, 2013
4 stars "Thor is AWESOME"

Definitely one to watch before the penultimate movie “The Avengers” and before Thor:The Dark World hits cinemas this November!

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Review by Percy on 5th September, 2013
5 stars "Good buy"

Quality item. Low price.

Review by Jared on 23rd August, 2014
4 stars "Gods!"

Thor is great, it's really entertaining, lots of action and special effects, great chemistry between all the actors and another good lead into the avengers movie.

Review by Mrs A. on 30th May, 2014
4 stars "Fun movie."

Good visual effects. Actors were well cast.

Review by robert on 24th January, 2014
3 stars "More about a god than a superhero."

More an Asgardian god adventure than a superhero adventure.
Other Avengers had better movies.

Review by Chelsea on 20th January, 2014
3 stars "Not what I had Imagined"

Like other Marvel movies I had seen, I thought that this too, was going to be amazing. However, I was disapointed when I watched as I found it was pretty average. It was an okay movie on its own but to me, it is disapointing compared to other Marvel films.

Review by Tracey on 14th January, 2014
5 stars "Excellent movie, loved it!"

Good action/adventure movie, with great special effects. Chris Helmsworth is a bonus bit of eye candy too. Can't wait for Thor 2 to be out on dvd.

Review by Jordan on 5th October, 2012
5 stars "Brilliant"

Another great addition to the marvel franchise

Review by Jayden on 19th September, 2012
4 stars "Great!"

A great expansion to the marvel franchise

Review by Phillip on 10th May, 2012
5 stars "Great movie - action with a plot."

Thor – great movie. Reminds me of the hero cartoons I used to watch as a child. Action and a plot – a good combination.

Review by Linda on 4th November, 2011
5 stars "Amazing"

My grandson thought was brilliant