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Criss Angel - Mindfreak: The Complete Season 1 (2 Disc Set) DVD
Criss Angel - Mindfreak: The...

Criss Angel - Mindfreak: The Complete Season 1 (2 Disc Set)

DVD (2005) Region 4

Criss Angel - Mindfreak: The Complete Season 1 (2 Disc Set) DVD
Mature Audience. Some content may disturb
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Review by popnchi on 8th June, 2009
5 stars "Amazing"

On this dvd set we get to see 15 episodes from the worlds
“Three Time Magician of the Year”. Criss Angel as he performs Mindfreak'ish Magic tricks to the public of L.A and also performs Death-defying Demonstations in which some are, Levitating from building to building to walking on water or even being buried alive only to try and escape his 6 ft tomb. A must have Dvd.

Are you ready........ To be Mindfreaked ??

Review by marcos on 4th April, 2009
5 stars "i love magic"

David Blaine and Criss Angel are the forefront of magic in the new century. Why? Gone are the parlor tricks we've become so accustom to, and now we have magic that will make watch in wonder… how did they do that? Tricks on the street, with common observers. Tricks that not only take illusion, slight of hand and craftsmanship, but also take MENTAL TOUGHNESS and PREPAREDNESS.

Some of the more dazzling things that Criss Angel does in season one will leave you awe-struck. Like when he walks DOWN THE SIDE OF A VEGAS BUILDING… or WALKS THROUGH A GLASS WINDOW. Even the little things… like levitating a frisbee that had landed on the ground, spinning it up to eye level and throwing it to an observer without ever toughing it. Or don't let me forget when he walks up to some random people in a park, puts a young girl into a trace, bends her BACKWARD at a 90 degree angle and then LEVITATES HER ENTIRELY.

Of course there's the time when he levitates HIMSELF. I'm not talking a few inches off the ground like David Blaine did previously. I'm talking feet. Three feet. Four Feet. High enough to lift himself over a good sized dog. Not taking anything away from the equally incredibly David Blaine, but a nearby observer spoke the SAYS IT ALL COMMENT, “Blaine needs to kiss this guys ass.”

I don't know about that… Criss still hasn't done anything close to the most amazing trick that David Blaine did. Removing a wrist watch from a woman… walking a few feet down the street to a jewelry store where the woman's watch was displayed in the window… and being after hours, the store was closed, so he put his hand and arm through the glass right before our eyes and retrieves the watch. Or creating water, wearing a sleeveless shirt with a single leaf for a jungle tribe that had no running water.

Okay, okay… back to Criss Angel. The show is incredible. I watch it religiously. One of the things I find enduring about the show is the fact that Criss' brothers are part of his crew and it's kinda cool to see them worry about him when he does his tricks… even though… sometimes it looks sorta staged.

Also, the fact that he includes other magicians in his show, like Lance Burton, Penn & Teller & the Amazing Johnathan. I'm just waiting for the 2 part episode where him and David Blaine team up… dear lord… wouldn't that be great!

If anybody out there is complaining about Criss Angel and the validitiy of his tricks… I'd like to see the magicians that they're watching because I can't imagine that magic could get much better.



Release date NZ
April 16th, 2008
DVD Region
Region 4
Length (Minutes)
Aspect Ratio
  • 1.33 : 1
Supported Audio
  • Dolby Digital Surround 2.0
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Go behind the scenes with the master of mind-bending magic!

All 15 episodes from the debut season!

A cross between Harry Houdini, Cirque Du Soleil and Fear Factor, each mind-boggling
episode of CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK captures the creative genius at work, preparing and training for his death-defying feats. Presented as a documentary meets music video meets magic show, Angel moves from public levitations to dangling by his skin from a helicopter one thousand feet above the Valley of Fire in Las Vegas, bringing his extraordinary talents to the streets – live and unstaged!

Disclaimer: “These demonstrations are extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone, anywhere, at any time.”

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