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Buckyballs Magnetic Desk Toy - Black Edition reviews


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Review by Hannah on 19th June, 2012
5 stars "As addictive as stated"

I got these purely to put on the desk at work and have something different and geeky to play with. None of us can put them down, just strangely addictive to play with even if you don't have anything in mind. Now to find those books about buckyball designs…

Review by Nigel on 13th August, 2012
"Worth it.."

I laughed so hard when I realised bucky balls are being banned from sale in USA because some silly people ate them (example: teenages to use them to make fake tongue piercings and then accidentally swallowing them in the process). Apparently, a warning is not enough to stop people doing silly things and on occasions, the swallowed bucky balls have attracted to each other inside the body causing severe damage.

You know what though- Worth it. Seriously.
Just don't give them to anyone that's likely to swallow them or use them as fake piercings.

Review by Cara on 8th August, 2012
5 stars "Get them quick"

Awesome, great present for the person who has everything.
Better hurry though, Buckyballs are getting sued in America because some people ate them >_<
Don't miss out on sticking balls together!

Review by Lauren on 2nd June, 2012
"Love them!"

Bought these in Australia in March then came back home and found them in the coming soon section on mighty ape a week later! Love them – endless fun for everyone!

Review by Rebecca on 24th April, 2012
5 stars "Awesome!"

Pretty expensive, but very good quality and never ending fun! They are so nice and shiny to look at…

Review by Sam on 16th April, 2012
5 stars "Amazing"

I didn't actually purchase mine from Mightyape. I got mine when Mightyape didn't actually sell Buckyballs. After using the set that I got, I wrote to Mightyape and suggested they sell them. They fufulled my request. Thanks guys! Now I don't have to go hunting for more.

Buckyballs are amazing. If you just pull on them you end up with a necklace or some other cool little object. Its no trick, no scam. There is a really cool video on YouTube which you should definitely check out if you want to be swayed into purchasing them.

Review by CJ on 16th April, 2012
5 stars "Amazeballs"

We got ours from the USA from a friend before MightyApe stocked them, they live on our coffee table and are constantly picked up and played with not just by us but by most of our guests that visit too.

A source of great fun and hilarity, I have just put my order in for more sets and cant wait till they arrive.

Review by James on 13th April, 2012
4 stars "Really good product."

The reviews for this product are true.
The Buckyballs are very hard to put down, once you pick them up it takes hours to put them down.
Once you create something cool with them you get a good feeling of accomplishment… And then you destroy it by crushing your hand.

Great Fun.