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Politically Incorrect Parenting reviews

Paperback Series : Nigel Latta

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Review by Cyndi on 20th September, 2010
5 stars "Irreverently useful tips on raising a happy family"

If you are tired of being told what to do by people who always seem to know better than you, this is the book to read.

It has heaps of commonsense advice that makes you think about your parenting style and often highlights what you already knew but got lost in the quagmire of information out there!

It's informative and the advice is easily understood and can be implemented in real life with REAL kids.

Best of all – it is written in a chatty conversational style which further breaks any mental block you may have to reading more advice.

Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and using it!

Review by Janine on 16th February, 2012
5 stars "The best adolecent self help book ever written!"

Cannot praise this book enough!! A fantastic self help guide for parents who need a little direction and understading how their teenagers brain is actually working. It has saved my daughters life, mine & my marriage! Easy reading non preaching take what you want from it!

Review by Deirdre on 10th January, 2011
5 stars "Great book"

If you are having trouble with your kids, even for little annoying things, this is the book to read. Some great little tips for mums, dads and even grand parents.

Review by Mary on 12th August, 2010
5 stars ".Hilariously funny commensense parenting advice."

All the adult members of our family, which included grandparents and parents of young children and babies read this book from cover to cover and absorbed all the sensible good advice in it. I am taking my copy over to the UK with me to give to another daughter with a 2yr old child.
It has already proved helpful in our handling of little people, and I just wish that the advice had been available when I was bringing up my own children.

Review by Jason on 28th July, 2010
4 stars "Straight shooting parenting at its best"

This is a parenting book written for real parents facing the reality of bringing up children in a world that is fast becoming far too serious. Nigel Latta has peeled away the complicated jargon that is evident in many parenting books and left a series of useful tips and common sense advice. His refreshing look at parenting outlines strategies that can be used by anyone and acknowledges that we need to give ourselves a break on the days when nothing seems to go right! Although this book may not be popular with all mainstream professionals it will appeal to the average parent who is just trying to survive.

Review by Jacqui on 9th June, 2010
5 stars "Complete Parents User Guide to taming your child."

This has to be the best book on taming children ever written. I now have a little angel and it only took a few days.

It is easy to read and cleverly written, Nigel Latta will guide you through the effective steps to stress free child rearing.

Review by Rachel on 4th June, 2010
4 stars "Sanity in a book"

We have been at our witts end trying to figure out ways to control our horde, this book is pretty awesome and gives some great ideas, Nigel Latta is pratical and puts things into perspective, best book on parenting yet

Review by Margaret on 1st June, 2010
5 stars "Yay for common sense"

I read an interview with Nigel Latta in The Age (Melbourne, Australia) and instantly knew I had to get his book. His common sense attitude dovetailed with my own views of parenting and I could use some practical tips from someone more experienced in the game. The book is laugh out loud funny but packed with sound information and advice. It is very easy to read – I read it from cover to cover in 2 days while juggling full-time work and a screaming baby. Five stars PLUS.

Review by Michael on 24th May, 2010
4 stars "Defenitely worth a read!"

If you liked his TV show – this is defenitely worth a read! How he manages to add modern day parenting psychology and humour together is flawless!

Review by Hope on 17th May, 2010
5 stars "So much for the terrible 2's"

My wee man is almost 2 now, and his behaviour at times is enough to want to make me crawl in a hole and hide. I live with my grandparents who dote on him constantly, and I have been at a loss at what to do to get him to behave. Their inconsistent and refused to participate with tools such as the naughty chair. I had been tearing my hair out, in dispair!
That was until I bought this very book. Within a short 24 hour period of reading it and using the techniques, my little monster had reverted back into a little boy. It has been so successful my grandparents have tried it out. This is a must read book!! Now my only hair loss is due to uni due dates for assessment. it's time to enjoy your kids and your life, and if nothing else has worked don't worry, this will.