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A Game of Thrones for PC Games
A Game of Thrones
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A Game of Thrones for PC Games + Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition for PC Games

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A Game of Thrones

PC Games Developer : Atlus Co.

Restricted 16. Violence and sexual references
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A Game of Thrones for PC Games + Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition for PC Games
List price: $89.98
Buy together: $89.48 (save 1%)

5.06% of people buy A Game of Thrones and Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition ~ PC Games.

Customer reviews

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1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Alec on 13th January, 2014
2 stars "Terrible gameplay"

Awful controls and gameplay, was expecting a skyrim style gameplay but thoroughly dissappointed. Watch gameplay videos online before buying this game!!

Review by shane on 13th June, 2014
5 stars "Simply amazing"

The game in whole is amazing graphics could be be better as well as the controls but after you get use to it ya away recommend highly

Review by Shand on 28th May, 2014
3 stars "Be Wary of Licenced Games"

So the #1 thing every gamer should know, assuming they enjoy quality games, is that they should do research before purchasing and preferably purchase after the release ( Pre-order bonuses are dirty and really not worth it, even morally wrong in some cases such as Elder Scrolls Online ), there are reviewers or first impressionists who would write up about the game as soon as they're allowed to. They take a bullet for you, you avoid wasting money.

Anyway, I've seen a little of this game, I even own it. I haven't heard anyone talk about it, it's as if it's a bad game that nobody remembers except when they're listing/referencing bad games.
If you want something similar you can get Skyrim with it's DLC on PC for about as much, as well as Oblivion, both are roughly $15–20 NZ now when they're on special. If Might Ape doesn't have a special on then there's always the Midsummer Sale ( Winter for us ) on Steam, I'd recommend Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, even though it's not a great game, if you get it on sale for under $30 it's worth it if you don't mind it feeling like a single player MMORPG.

Other RPGs that I would recommend would be Dark Souls, it goes on sale on Steam quite often for about $16 USD, I believe Mighty Ape has had it on sale a couple of times as well.
Dark Souls II, Mighty Ape has had a sale on this, down to $50 I believe, which is a steal if you ask me.
I'd recommend using a Gamepad for both, Xbox 360 controllers work just fine ( wired Xbox 360 controllers or you have to buy one with a wireless adapter to allow wireless ones to work. There's a cable that attaches to wireless controllers, that just charges the battery, you still need the licensed wireless adapter to get the wireless controllers working with PC.

There is the Fallout Series. Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout 1 and 2 are turn based RPGs where as 3 and New Vegas are first/third person shooter RPGs.

Fable – The Lost Chapters ( PC/Xbox, there is a Steam version )
I believe Gamepads work with this, again, at least the Xbox 360 pads should.
If you have an Xbox 360 you could get Fable 2, it wasn't a bad game at all.
Don't bother with the third game.

Jade Empire.
Not sure if the PC version works with Gamepads, it is also a bit clunky compared to modern games, but it's still pretty good.

Mass Effect 1 and 2.
Should be PC and Console versions of both, getting 3 is kinda immoral since they cut part of the game off for Day One DLC, but if you really enjoy the games then feel free.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series.
They are kind of old now, I would highly recommend getting mods for them, they're First Person Shooters, single player, little bit of horror type stuff like a more intense version of Fallout 3/New Vegas. It does have RPG elements of course, carry weight, armor types, resistances, ammo types. But it's pretty hardcore compared to the other games listed.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2.
Not the MMO, they're a little clunky but if you really enjoyed Mass Effect you would probably like them. They aren't so much action as they are more like the old turn based RPGs, but they do have some real time element to them and you can choose your path and make choices a bit greater than the ones in Mass Effect, you aren't forced to be a hero, most of the time.

There are plenty more RPGs I could list that are going to be better than this game, and probably a lot more that I don't even know about.

Summery: Look up first impressions, gameplay, or walkthrough videos to get an idea of what a game is like before you spend your own money on it.

Review by Andrew on 24th October, 2013
4 stars "Combat is terrible, but story is great!"

Although the combat system is cumbersome, the game is still worth playing if you are a fan of the show or books. The story takes place around the time leading up to the start of the series, and adds a nice bit of flavour to the world.

5 out of 10 people found this review helpful:
Review by Matthew on 26th June, 2012
4 stars "A dark game with a number of quite memorable scenes"

Well I finished the game, I played it on Difficult and found the combat aspect challenging and the world compelling and the narrative quite good, dark but psychologically compelling. The character motivations were quite realistic for fantasy game. I am told by people who read the books that this is one of the strengths of the book series. Well I have successfully developed an opinion of this without reading the books or seeing the movie/ TV series and will try out this approach on other things to develop opinions of.



Release date NZ
June 15th, 2012
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Top 5000
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Enter the world of the award-winning international book & TV phenomenon Game of Thrones! In this 30-plus hours role playing game players will enter the gritty and medieval fantasy world of Westeros. As one of two original characters with disparate motivations both former soldieries of Robert's Rebellion players will forge alliances and wage battles as they play a pivotal role in the ongoing war for power of the Seven Kingdoms.

Their journey will span numerous quests during which they will interact with many characters and make key decisions that impact the realm. Standing before the majesty and bitter isolation of the Wall or walking through the streets and alleys of the King's Landing players will explore and interact with other characters meeting and learning about the people and history that defines them and their importance.

Key decisions and major events will have meaningful impact on Westeros allowing the player to witness how the game world evolves over time based on their actions or inactions.


System Requirements:

CPU: AMD/Intel Dual-Core 2.2 GHz
RAM: 2048 MB
VGA: 256 MB 100% DirectX 9 and shaders 3.0 compatible
ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT/NVidia Geforce 7900 GTX or higher
DX: DirectX 9
OS: Windows XP SP3/Windows Vista SP2/Windows 7
Sound: DirectX 9 compatible
ODD: DVD-ROM: 2X drive

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