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Dawn of the Mini PC Computers

2 comments Published in computers, components, matx and Deepcool on 13 August 2014, 16:34 by Andy

It has become a phenomenon… Mini PC's with the raw power of Rigs double the size, have been springing up all over the place and custom builders have adopted them with arms wide open.

Corsair have the 250D… BitFenix have the Prodigy… Silverstone have the RVZ01

DEEPCOOL is now joining the fray with a bold addition to the field.

Introducing the STEAM CASTLE.

Bright, loud and round, the Steam Castle is capable of housing a MATX Motherboard and is capable of housing 2 x full length graphics cards to run in SLI or CrossFire!

Cooling wise there is space for a 240mm radiator for all those water cooling buffs out there and since the motherboard tray is horizontal there is space for the largest CPU air coolers. On the front there is a 200mm fan and a 120mm on the rear.

There are also 4 very unique extractor fans planted on the top of the case. The built in fan controller allows users to change the colors between red, blue and green. There is also a breathing effect and the LED's can also be turned off whilst the fans remain active.

There is also space for 4 x SSD or 2 x SSD and 2 x HDD for all the storage fanatics out there!

To top it all off, it can house a full sized ATX PS2 power supply as long as it is shorter than 16cm long.

Swing on by and check out all 4 hot colours!


Gorilla EX - The Second Monkey Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, gorilla rigs, Benchmarks and Gorilla EX on 12 August 2014, 16:58 by Ben

The Second Monkey is part of a new custom rig line up called Gorilla EX.

Gorilla EX is made for IT savy gamers, looking for a base build they can customise over time.

The range is designed in the way that none of them come with dedicated graphics cards installed, but are still fully working PC suitable for home or student uses if needed – really though, it wouldn't be putting the 650 watt power supply to good use now would it?

The Second Monkey specifically comes fitted with our favourite AMD A8–6600K APU which gives exceptional performace. You will also find a 128GB SSD with the OS loaded on it to get super fast boot times and loading times in general. There is plenty more space for storage expansion when the time comes.

When we benchmarked the rig it scored a very respectable 2941 in the Final Fantasy Benchmark. Totally more than capable of getting your game on! And with an additional AMD GPU added you could run both together in dual graphics mode, like we did with The First Monkey to get an even greater performance boost.

Remember, these builds are intended for computer enthusiasts who want a base system to customise and improve on – if you are after a no fuss complete custom build with all the trimmings check out our Gorilla in the Mist which can be anything you want :)


The Mighty SilverStone Raven Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, Gigabyte, Silverstone and Chassis on 6 August 2014, 14:38 by Ben

The RAVEN series is famous for its excellent cooling with unconventional designs and the RAVEN RV04 is no exception, as you can see in the image below the Gigabyte GTX 760 graphics card sits upside down inside presenting a spectacular view of the Windforce cooler and SNSV motherboard :)

The exterior of RV04 showcases SilverStones unique design with a one-piece like outer shell that creates a powerful presence on any desktop setting.

Small details also adorn the exterior such as feather-like top elements that act as independent airflow channel for the power supply unit.

For a chassis that started out with a front-to-back airflow design, the RAVEN RV04 has truly redefined tradition.

Swing by our ever growing Silverstone Store for the latest and best in Chassis, coolers & more!


Gorilla Rigs X Logitech this August! Computers

1 comment Published in competition, computers, gorilla rigs and logitech on 1 August 2014, 14:32 by Ben

It seems like only yesterday we gave away an Epic Logitech Prize pack and yet here we are with another awesome collection of Logitech G gaming gear up for grabs!

Get yourself any Gorilla Rig this August and you'll receive BONUS Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad and automatically goes in the draw to win some EPIC PRIZES!

August Prize Pack Contains!

  • G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G710+ Mechanical Keyboard
  • G930 7.1 Wireless Headset

The Logitech G602 redefines the laws of wireless gaming, with up to 250 hours of gaming battery life. From the pinpoint accuracy of exclusive Delta Zero sensor technology to high durability primary switches to 11 programmable controls, G602 offers true gaming performance.

The Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard reacts lightning fast. Stay focused on your game, even when playing in low light thanks to adjustable dual-zone backlighting that lets you easily find the WASD and arrow keys while six programmable G-keys keep critical macro commands at your fingertips.

To finish off this tri-fector of awesome is the outstanding Logitech G930 Headset – This headset delivers a fast wireless connection so you can level up without being tied down. Add 7.1 surround sound, three programmable G-keys and a comfortable, adjustable fit and you’ve got everything you need to win.

Swing by our Mighty Gorilla Rig Jungle and order yours today!


System Builds - The First Monkey! Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, gorilla rigs, ASUS, Corsair, components, sapphire, Benchmarks and Custom PC on 7 July 2014, 15:59 by Ben

This blog might get a bit geeky!

Today we start shipping our new range of enthusiast Gorilla EX Rigs, the first being aptly named The First Monkey

Gorilla EX are intended to be the base for a system that you can improve over time, they come assembled and pre-loaded with the windows 8.1 operating system so you can add wireless, more storage, graphics cards and cooling to the builds easily when you want to.

The First Monkey sits in a versitile Corsair Spec-01 mid tower, with plenty of space and power to do some pretty cool builds. We can add 120mm LED fans with fancy controllers, wireless and solid state storage later – right now we start off with a quick look at graphics card options!

As this rig hasn't had a graphics card installed in it before I think it's a great time to jump straight into the BETA AMD dual graphics drivers and get that APU working with GPU to see what kind of benchmarks we get.

The First Monkey runs an unlocked AMD A8–6600K quad core cpu with intergrated graphics 8570D. I'll be adding the Asus R7 250 graphics card for this test, bringing the total build cost to around $970.

Once the card is installed I enter the bios and force enable the onboard graphics in the northbridge (NB) settings tab which is found in advanced settings. While I was in here I also set the 8GB 1600MHz Ram to run at 1866MHz.

Several reboots later I get the pop up box asking if I would like to turn on AMD Dual Graphics :)

Here we go!

Now that was pretty cool :) How about we go a bit futher by adding a much larger graphics card. I have an outstanding Sapphire Vapour-X R9 270X here that should should be just about right.

This is a two slot card so first I remove another expansion slot cover (these can be taken off and put back as builds change, one of the many reasons we like this chassis) and seat the card in the motherboard.

This card requires 2×6pin power connection to run, you'll find these tucked conveniently under the bottom hard drive bay. Drivers are a breeze here, no bios settings need tweaking as I'm no longer going for dual graphics so I reset to default during a reboot.

It's pretty temping to keep on tinkering but we better get to work building the rest of the Gorilla EX range, there will be two AMD and Intel options available soon :)

Remember, these builds are intended for computer enthusiasts who want a base system to customise and improve on – if you are after a no fuss complete custom build with all the trimmings check out our Gorilla in the Mist which can be anything you want :)


Super Stylish SilverStone Raven Chassis Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, components, Silverstone and buying guide on 3 July 2014, 15:34 by Ben

More awesome components have arrived!

Finally with us in NZ is the latest Raven RV05 chassis with SilverStone's u­niquely cool styling touches and an awesome 90 degree motherboard mounting system we love almost as much as their 180 degree one :)

Included with this stealthy chassis are two of the latest Air Penetrator fans with three speed switches and SilverStone have made nice design choices yet again such as externally removable dust filters (with cool ravens on them) and tool-less panels.

The RV05 has everything that PC enthusiasts could wish for in a compact, high performance computer case that is not only cool and quiet, but also easy to build in and maintain. SilverStone really nailed this one, it's a pleasure to build in and the more you look at it the more awesome design features you notice.

With most of the wasted space eliminated from RV05, engineers were thus able to better optimize the case for the most important performance affecting components such as CPU and GPUs. The result is an expertly engineered ATX chassis that is just as capable in terms of computing power and heat dissipation as the the first RAVEN chassis, the RV01, but in half the size.

For those wanting a smaller case size that can obtain top-level performance, the Raven RV05 is the perfect solution and it may also represent a glimpse into the future of mainstream enthusiasts PC design.

Swing by our Mighty SilverStone Store for more of the best in Components & Chassis!


Gorilla Gaming Rigs X Logitech this July! Computers

Add a comment Published in competition, computers, gorilla rigs, logitech and Gaming PC on 1 July 2014, 09:20 by Ben

Gorilla Gaming Rigs and Logitech are back and this month we've got some outstanding Gaming Gear up for grabs!

Anyone who purchases a Gorilla Gaming Rig this July gets a BONUS Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad and automatically goes in the draw to win some EPIC PRIZES!

July Prize Pack Contains!

  • G27 Racing Wheel, Peddles and Gear!
  • G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse
  • Z506 5.1 Surround Sound System

The Logitech Proteus G502 comes pre-turned for use with the G240 & delivers expert precision and super speed. Featuring the most accurate sensor on the market, a 1 millisecond report rate & buttons rated to 20 million clicks it's a joy to use. The improved keyplate design gives a better click feeling and performance – a truly exceptional mouse!

A simulator-grade racing wheel, the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel is designed to deliver the definitive sim racing experience. Powerful, dual-motor force feedback mechanism with helical gearing smoothly and accurately simulates traction loss, weight shift, and road feel, with exceptionally quiet steering action!

Connect the Logitech Z506 Speaker System to your entertainment gear and you can immerse yourself in big 5.1 surround sound for games, movies and music.

Those are some AWESOME prizes thanks Logitech! Swing by and check out our latest designs in Gorilla Gaming Rigs today!


SilverStone Magnetic Dust Filter - a 2 week test Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, Silverstone, 120mm, Gaming Rigs and Dust Filter on 24 June 2014, 12:09 by Ben

Two weeks ago I stuck one of the new magnetized dust filters (quite literally) on the front of my gaming PC and put it on the floor, the results were obvious!

In that small amount of time the SilverStone filter picked up enough dust to make me want to kit out my entire rig with them.

These neat little dust filters have embedded magnets in the frame so it can be effortlessly attached to any steel chassis without tools but if you want you can also attach it to your fans via the screw points.


  • Convenient magnetized design for easy installation
  • Ultra fine filter provides great dust reduction properties
  • Compatible with most 120mm – 140mm fans or vents

So for those looking for dust reduction for component longevity with increased cooling efficiency, the SilverStone magnetic dust filter is an excellent buy.


Wow, that's some impressive RAM! Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, gorilla rigs, LED, Watch Dogs and Crucial on 13 June 2014, 16:01 by Ben

Inside our Watch Dogs Gorilla Rig is the aptly named Tactical Tracer RAM and it's got some pretty awesome tricks up it's sleeve!

In addition to the LED light controls, this tool also lets you enjoy real-time temperature monitoring, so you can keep tabs on your high-performance memory. The Crucial Ballistix M.O.D. utility allows you to view uptime, voltages, and set alarms for temperatures, making it one of the most customisable, responsive modules you’ll find.

We used Red/Green in our build but they also come in a blue – check out the video below to see some of the different colours and settings :)


Hot off the truck: Gigabyte Graphics have landed! Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, components, gpu and video cards on 4 April 2014, 14:32 by Andy

Heads up to all of those in the market for a new Gaming Graphics Card!

Gigabyte has just landed and we have sizzling specials on all the latest graphics cards – now is the time for that killer upgrade so get in quick!

Check out the extreme Gigabyte GTX 760 – packing the excellent Gigabyte WindForce 3X cooling system this beast of a card keeps itself cooler even when playing the hottest new games!

This in tandem with GPU Boost 2.0 means more performance for no extra effort and a massive 4GB of GDDR5 also makes it the perfect choice very high resolution or multi monitor setups!

Swing on by and check out these blazing deals on Gigabyte Graphics Cards today!