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System Builds - The First Monkey! Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, gorilla rigs, ASUS, Corsair, components, sapphire and Custom PC on 7 July 2014, 15:59 by Ben

This blog might get a bit geeky!

Today we start shipping our new range of enthusiast Gorilla EX Rigs, the first being aptly named The First Monkey

Gorilla EX are intended to be the base for a system that you can improve over time, they come assembled and pre-loaded with the windows 8.1 operating system so you can add wireless, more storage, graphics cards and cooling to the builds easily when you want to.

The First Monkey sits in a versitile Corsair Spec-01 mid tower, with plenty of space and power to do some pretty cool builds. We can add 120mm LED fans with fancy controllers, wireless and solid state storage later – right now we start off with a quick look at graphics card options!

As this rig hasn't had a graphics card installed in it before I think it's a great time to jump straight into the BETA AMD dual graphics drivers and get that APU working with GPU to see what kind of benchmarks we get.

The First Monkey runs an unlocked AMD A8–6600K quad core cpu with intergrated graphics 8570D. I'll be adding the Asus R7 250 graphics card for this test, bringing the total build cost to around $970.

Once the card is installed I enter the bios and force enable the onboard graphics in the northbridge (NB) settings tab which is found in advanced settings. While I was in here I also set the 8GB 1600MHz Ram to run at 1866MHz.

Several reboots later I get the pop up box asking if I would like to turn on AMD Dual Graphics :)

Here we go!

Now that was pretty cool :) How about we go a bit futher by adding a much larger graphics card. I have an outstanding Sapphire Vapour-X R9 270X here that should should be just about right.

This is a two slot card so first I remove another expansion slot cover (these can be taken off and put back as builds change, one of the many reasons we like this chassis) and seat the card in the motherboard.

This card requires 2×6pin power connection to run, you'll find these tucked conveniently under the bottom hard drive bay. Drivers are a breeze here, no bios settings need tweaking as I'm no longer going for dual graphics so I reset to default during a reboot.

It's pretty temping to keep on tinkering but we better get to work building the rest of the Gorilla EX range, there will be two AMD and Intel options available soon :)

Remember, these builds are intended for computer enthusiasts who want a base system to customise and improve on – if you are after a no fuss complete custom build with all the trimmings check out our Gorilla in the Mist which can be anything you want :)


Hot off the truck: Gigabyte Graphics have landed! Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, components, gpu and video cards on 4 April 2014, 14:32 by Andy

Heads up to all of those in the market for a new Gaming Graphics Card!

Gigabyte has just landed and we have sizzling specials on all the latest graphics cards – now is the time for that killer upgrade so get in quick!

Check out the extreme Gigabyte GTX 760 – packing the excellent Gigabyte WindForce 3X cooling system this beast of a card keeps itself cooler even when playing the hottest new games!

This in tandem with GPU Boost 2.0 means more performance for no extra effort and a massive 4GB of GDDR5 also makes it the perfect choice very high resolution or multi monitor setups!

Swing on by and check out these blazing deals on Gigabyte Graphics Cards today!


Silent Rigs with Fractal Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, Fractal, 120mm, R2, Fans and Cooling on 15 January 2014, 13:46 by Ben

Fractal are well known for their beautiful R4 chassis, understated and silent with plenty of room for great components.

When we got out hands on the Fractal Define R4 with window we wondered how they they would maintain such quiet performance with a window in as this normally isn't the best idea with sound proofed chassis.

Turns out they've done it in a couple of ways.

Firstly the window itself is lined sound dampening foam and with the chassis they included a built in 3 speed fan controller + 2× Fractal R2 Silent fans

The R2 silent fans are really popular, I was a little surprised to see them included free with the chassis and I'd certainly recommend them for any quiet build and they have the bonus of being awesome looking – sleeved cables with eleven white blades in a black casing with rubber screws included for reducing vibrations and further decreasing the noise level.

Building Silent? Swing by the Mighty Fractal Store today!


Gorilla Gaming - Razorback & Razer Goodies! Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, gorilla rigs, Gigabyte, razer and Raidmax on 1 January 2014, 10:11 by Ben

Well then, 2014 already!

What better way to start this new year off than by teaming up with our favourite gaming gear innovators – Razer!

This month, every Gorilla Gaming Rig comes with a Razer Goliathus Control Edition Gaming Mouse Mat – Some people think a mouse mat’s a pretty simple thing. Put your mouse on top of it and let it rip. That might seem so on the surface (pun intended). But there’s actually a lot of science, technology and craftsmanship that goes into making one that’s great for gaming. – This one is amazing!

To make this even better everyone that gets a Gorilla Rig will also go into the draw to win a Deathadder 2013 Gaming Mouse, Kraken Pro Gaming Headset and the outstanding Deathstalker Gaming keyboard A setup fit for a pro gamer!

On that note we are proud to present our latest Gorilla Gaming Rig – The Razorback

We wanted to create a special gaming rig for Razer, based on the Baboon but with a massive graphics card + solid state drive and you guys made choosing the chassis easy by buying so many Raidmax Cobra Chassis it became our best seller and Gigabyte blew us away when we tried their latest 4GB Nvidia GTX770 with Windforce, it's so quiet and ultra powerful.

With a benchmark average of 12413 it's capable of playing anything you want to throw at it and the Gigabyte 4GB dedicated graphics makes going beyond 1080p a breeze. Combine that with the latest intel Haswell i5, wireless, bluetooth, a super fast Sandisk Ultra Plus SSD and Western Digital HDD and you've got a mighty gaming rig!

Swing by our Mighty Computers Jungle and check out our ever evolving Gorilla Gaming Rigs and of course the Mighty Razer Store is fully stocked and loaded with hot deals to kick off the new year!

Happy New Year!


Gorilla Rigs gameplay video improvements Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, gorilla rigs, final fantasy, sapphire, AMD, Battlefield 4 and benchmark on 10 December 2013, 12:07 by Ben

We've been uploading videos of gameplay at the bottom of our Gorilla Rigs whenever possible, always trying to keep them action packed and spoiler free. Recently, we started including settings used at the end of videos, now we will also be posting FPS count videos and benchmarks.

We are trying to find the best free benchmark available to all, so you can run it on your rigs at home to see the comparisons – any suggestions would be great! Currently we are using the FF benchmark available for download here.

On that note we love great suggestions, so use the FB comments section either of the Gorilla Rigs pages or under the Youtube video to let us know the games you want to see them play or maybe a cool chassis you would like to see a Gaming Rig built in :)

Below is our first FPS test with Gorilla Warfare, the goal with these is see how close to max settings we can get without overclock to play at 60 frames per second.

Swing by our Mighty Components jungle to check out the latest in graphics cards, chassis and more!


10 Awesome Gifts in Computers Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, christmas and Gifts on 5 December 2013, 15:48 by Ben

Shopping for the technically inclined can be difficult at the best of times so to make things a bit easier we've made a list of 10 great gifts from our Mighty Computers Jungle!

Iron Man Mouse – You just can't go wrong with a new mouse, especially when it's from Stark Industries.

Netgear Push2TV Home Entertainment Adapter – If you've seen them with a Android Smartphone this handy gadget will allow their little screen to pop up on the big screen! Great for sharing holiday pics with everyone and pretty cool for gaming and watching Youtube as well :)

Adonit Jot Classic iPad and Tablet Stylus – Artist-on-the-go? The Adonit Stylus has been getting rave reviews world wide and fair enough, as Stylus go this one is unbeaten.

Twelve South BookBook Case – A super cool case that's a little unexpected, the Twelvesouth bookbook comes in a varitey of sizes and colours.

ThermalTake Life Cool Notebook Cooler – Perfect for those using a laptop on their lap, super cool looking as well :)

Crucial 128GB M4 SSD – it's hard to gift to ultimately tech-savvy friends but we can't get enough of super fast storage. Whether they use it in their laptop, desktop or even Playstation 3 these things are amazing! (this is NOT an external Hard Drive!)

Wacom Intuos Manga Graphic Tablet – Feed the seriously creative minds with the tools they will need to create the most awesome things they can imagine, not just a graphic tablet this includes some serious software to get things moving. Literally.

Asus Wide Screen Non-Glare Ultra Slim Monitor – They probably have a monitor already but it's unlikely that it's as fast as this, if they like gaming or action movies this will blow them away.

Netgear AC Dual Band – What do you get the guy that seems to have everything? Faster wifi, that's what.

Need more? This last one is pretty major!

The Little Monkey – It's very likely you are going to need a bigger tree to fit one of our Gorilla Gaming Rigs underneath – but waking up to one of these is awesome!

And there are so many more cool things you could grab! On each items page you'll see a link to see more from that brand, so if you like the BookBook case but need the 11" version check out the rest of the range with one easy click! Check out our popular brands for heaps of ideas!

Swing by our Mighty Computers Jungle for even more hot deals on the latest in tech!


Logitech Gorilla Gaming giveaway time! Computers

1 comment Published in computers, gorilla rigs, logitech, Gorilla Gaming Rigs, G602 and Gaming Gear on 2 December 2013, 11:48 by Andy

During the month of November, the guys over at Logitech hooked us up with a huge stack of hot Gaming Surfaces for all our customers who grabbed Gorilla Rigs, as well as two of the super cool Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mice to give away to two lucky monkey's who purchased one of our Gorilla Rigs.

The winners of the gaming mice are;

Samuel Evans-Morgan


Blair Nicholson

Congrats guys, we will have your new gaming mice sent out to you right away!

Keep an eye on the blogs for our December giveaway details!


Very fast AC wireless! Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, networking, Netgear and AC on 26 November 2013, 14:42 by Ben

We all want faster wifi and if you're a lucky monkey in possession of an awesome Samsung Galaxy S4 this little device can take full advantage of the now established AC wireless tech. To help bring slightly older devices up to speed Netgear has a cool bonus at the moment when you grab their AC modem/router, more on that after the techy stuff.

AC wifi, or technically speaking 802.11ac access points working with 802.11ac devices can give you faster data transmission, which is pretty useful if you're streaming movies around your house or dare I say it, wireless gaming…

The Xbox One teardown revealed it has this AC technology in it (though not activated yet) so this is certainly something we'll start to see more and more of in the future which brings me to the situation many people find themselves in when buying the latest technology, not all devices I own are ready.

If you're about to make the move to super fast AC wireless you might like this offer from team at NETGEAR :)

The basics are – if you purchase this Netgear AC Dual Band Gigabit Modem Router before the 31st Dec 2013 you can get yourself a AC USB Adapter via redemption to bring those old devices up to speed :)

Full details available via this link. Swing by our Mighty Netgear Store for the latest in internet tech!


GeForce GTX 780 Ti is here! Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, evga, Gaming Gear and Graphics Card on 11 November 2013, 16:37 by Andy

EVGA has just released their GeForce GTX 780 Ti.

The highly anticipated card release comes in as the new king of Graphics Cards.

Boasting 25% more cores than the GTX 780, this card is really set to bring your gaming to another level. Fill your next generation gaming needs with this truly beast graphics card.

Although the clock speeds sit at a modest 876MHz base, GPU Boost 2.0 is part of the magic of this card. Users can set goal temperatures or clock speeds for the card to run at. This is then achieved by the card automatically ramping up clock speeds or fan speeds to achieve these goals.

New Zealand's first shipment of the cards are looking to run out fast. Get in quick to nab one today!


Hot HP Envy just landed at Mighty Ape Computers

Add a comment Published in computers, laptop, nvidia, HP and Beats by Dre on 8 November 2013, 17:23 by Andy

We have just managed to get our hands on this hot little performer from HP.

The HP Envy 15.6" laptop is a real sharp little number. It comes with a fully dedicated NVIDIA GT740M graphics card with 2GB of GDDR3 video ram. Which is perfect for outputting video and games to the beautifully crisp 1920×1080 Full HD screen.

It also comes with a Intel Haswell processor which is set to keep up with anything you need it to do. Base clock sits at a nice, sombre 2.4GHz when you aren't revving it up. And a shuddering 3.4GHz at boost when you need more power!


  • Intel Haswell i7–4700MQ CPU
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM and a 1TB HDD
  • Integrated Beats Audio with 4 speaker and 2 sub-woofers
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 740M 2GB Graphics Card
  • WIFI, Bluetooth, Fingerprint Reader and Windows 8

What's not to love?

Priced at $1499, swing on by to nab yours today!