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  • 16 April 2014, 12:01pm
    kevin says:
  • 16 April 2014, 12:01pm
    Shoel says:
  • 16 April 2014, 12:10pm
    David says:
    MATH!?!?! What is this word that you speak of?
  • 16 April 2014, 12:14pm
    David says:
    Math Effect :p
  • 16 April 2014, 12:15pm
    David says:
    Math. Not even once.
  • 16 April 2014, 12:23pm
    Connor says:
    If you don't have Skyrim get but not on PS3. So many bugs and to much loading screens!
  • 16 April 2014, 12:50pm
    Rose says:
    is there a mass effect trilogy for ps3?
  • 16 April 2014, 1:10pm
    Dave says:
    @ Rose, yes but it's rare as rocking horse **** and the supplier doesn't bring it into NZ - You can get it from Ebay/USA but DLC won't work AND you cannot get the Cerberus Pack any longer and I think the Arrival for ME2 is unavailable.

    @ Connor, Skyrim PS3 runs fine for me, probably patched to the wazoo though
  • 16 April 2014, 1:22pm
    Dave says:
    Daves are running the comments today
  • 16 April 2014, 2:29pm
    Liam says:
    Aw man, i only just recently went out and got the Mass Effect games individually :/

    If you dont have them thats a mighty fine deal!
  • 16 April 2014, 3:34pm
    David says:
    What?! My comments got deleted?

    @Rose, Mass Effect Trilogy is on the PS Store for $37.95 ($34 for PS+ subs)
  • 16 April 2014, 4:36pm
    Joel says:
    Thanks, but no thanks.
  • 16 April 2014, 5:25pm
    Chris says:
    David, you're so funny; I wonder if you stand in the middle of Noel Leeming yelling "It's cheaper at Harvey Norman!!!!!", and then complain that they toss your sorry ar$e out the door. Like how you're just sooooo shocked now that MA deleted your comment. Puh-leese.... get a life.
  • 16 April 2014, 5:52pm
    Thomas says:
    The Mass Effect Trilogy is currently available on the Playstation Store for a much lower price, especially if you have Playstation Plus. The Playstation version of the trilogy also includes the most DLC of the three versions (Xbox 360, PS3, PC). I've played Mass Effect on Xbox 360 and PS3, and I definitely think the PS3 version is worth playing.

    Anyone who argues that the Xbox 360 version is better is stupid. They're a bit different, graphically, but there's really no major advantage to playing it on Xbox 360, so if you'd prefer to play it on PS3, don't worry about any differences, because they're superficial at best.
  • 16 April 2014, 6:26pm
    Chris says:
    In addition to what Thomas has said, you can also sell the games on once you're done with them .... no wait, sorry, you can't!! You can only do that with the physical media copy that you buy from MA.

    Not only should MA delete these kinds of comments, they should block these users from commenting at all.

    I have both a PS3, and a 360, and have played the Mass Effect games on both systems; virtually no discernible difference between them. But hey, it's just my opinion, and like everyone else's on here, it's worth what you pay for it! :-)

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